Bachelor finale tops Thursday

Ratings: TEN reality show pushes its primary channel ahead of the pack. Glitch returns soft for ABC.

The Bachelor Australia topped Thursday entertainment shows with 1.12m for the moment Matty Johnson chose Laura and 980,000 for the bulk of the show.

That was well in front of RBT (652,000), 7:30 (584,000) and Make You LOL (386,000 in 4 cities) and it topped all 3 demos. But the numbers were also down on 2016’s 1.38m / 1.13m when Richie Strahan chose Alex Nation.

Home and Away was the night’s second highest entertainment show, albeit beaten by A Current Affair and ABC News.

The lure of the Bachelor finale was enough to damage the return of Glitch for ABC. At 329,000 it was well down on 2015’s 511,000 debut.

Although there are differences in their running time the AFL Footy Show pipped The Front Bar -but not in Melbourne where Seven’s show drew 190,000 to Nine’s 175,000.

TEN was the top primary channel last night but multichannels pushed rivals in front.

Seven network won Thursday with 26.4% then Nine 25.0%, TEN 24.3%, ABC 16.7%, and SBS 7.6%.

Seven News was best for Seven with 995,000 / 948,000 then Home and Away (697,000), The Chase (622,000 / 392,000) and Make You LOL (386,000 in 4 cities). A Little Big Shots repeat was 282,000 in 3 cities. The Front Bar was 266,000 in 3 cities.

Nine News (899,000 / 881,000) led for Nine then A Current Affair (765,000), RBT (652,000) and Hot Seat (462,000 / 269,000). The AFL Footy Show was 269,000 in 3 cities. NRL Footy Show was 184,000 in 2 cities.

The Bachelor was #1 for TEN with 1.12m / 980,000 then The Project (608,000 / 375,000), TEN Eyewitness News (429,000), The Wrong Girl (423,000) and Family Feud (307,000).

ABC News (715,000), 7:30 (584,000), Short Cuts to Glory: Matt Okine vs Food (334,000), Glitch (329,000), Clarke & Dawe: From the Archives (316,000), Grand Designs (203,000) and The Detectives (190,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Great British Railway Journeys (323,000), Gourmet Farmer (303,000), Junk Food Kids (189,000), SBS World News (131,000), River Cottage Australia (119,000) and Versailles (80,000).

Shaun the Sheep had a daggy 247,000 on multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 14 September 2017


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  1. Kudos for the “daggy” pun, David!! 😉 How is “Neighbours” doing these days? I still watch it religiously (as I did as a kid, but I stopped watching it from the early 00s until 2008, then stopped again for a few years and have been back on board since it moved to 11).

  2. ‘Glitch’ needed to decide whether it was going to be supernaturally or scientifically focused in its plot and it went with both-a mess. Throwing about terms like “stem cells” won’t explain resurrecting century old dead folks from out of the grave in any rational sense. And the return of the series was heavily promoted-last week the whole 1st series was repeated Thurs night/Fri morning a la what SBS often does prior to a new series of a returning program.

  3. The Wrong Girl much better last night.
    Craig Mclachlan as Eric is magnificent …” I have four daughters in private schools with horse addictions who hate me way more than the general public”..
    He must be having a ball playing this part.

  4. I think it’s had a very big revamp… but perhaps too much the other way. The happy medium Garry and James had from about 2008 was when the show was at its peak for me. Eddie has changed a lot about the Footy Show (notably trying to make it more news based and “big story reveal” moments), but it’s lost its character in the meantime. I just don’t laugh anymore… and that’s a problem.

  5. David, I recall Glitch was on in 2015? Not 2016 ? ABC have also quoted on their advertising that it was ‘2016’ too? So now not so sure?? Pity it was down in numbers but will be watching later as will many fans I’m sure.

      1. Haha David! Always making us laugh! I thought as much as I remember meeting someone from
        Castlemaine who had seen filming in their hometown and I recall meeting them in 2015! I was also surprised when it was two years between seasons, but not uncommon for ABC given Rake often has two year gaps. Glad you confirmed for me. My memory isn’t failing 🙂

  6. I totally forgot about Glitch, I haven’t even seen any promotion for it on Facebook, Instagram or ABC1 commercials before or after episodes of recent weeks of Mad as Hell and Utopia. Hopefully they replay it on the HD channel, as I will then IQ the remainder on HD too and binge it once complete. Not keen on watching it on low res iView if I can avoid it. Would be even better if Netflix picked up all episodes the day after ABC finishes the run.

    1. Oh, I dunno – they’ve been fairly consistent in flogging “watch series 1 on iView, series 2 coming soon” for the last little while on ABC1. In the last week or two they’ve even added the start date, at least on screen (though for some reason I thought it was the 25th, and was surprised when it turned up just as I was about to have an early night last night…).

    1. Same here. Really enjoyed the first ep last night.
      Intriguing and really well executed.
      Though took me a while to reconnect with the repercussions of the chain of events from last season… it’s been a long time between drinks.

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