Bachelorette tops Thursday, Glitch down for ABC.

Ratings: Nine leads in primary channel share but multichannels help Seven take Thursday.

With no competition from that renovation show, The Bachelorette lifted marginally last night to 978,000 viewers, and topped all 3 demos.

That was well in front of RBT and 7:30 while Seven ran varying titles in different markets.

Sophie Monk also helped The Wrong Girl to a boost, up from 423,00 to 477,000 while Seven and Nine were already playing out sporting shows in respective cities.

Technically The Front Bar‘s 333,000 was ahead of AFL Footy Show‘s 295,000 (including in Melbourne), although at a shorter playout.

ABC’s Glitch slipped from 329,000 to 235,000 -perhaps its key audience is already feeding on all eps available at iview.

Seven News and ACA both won their slots.

While Nine led in primary channel share, Seven network won Thursday with 28.5% then Nine 26.7%, TEN 22.5%, ABC 14.6%  and SBS 7.7%.

Seven News topped Thursday with 926,000 / 944,000 then Home and Away (678,000), The Chase (563,000 / 360,000), Make You LOL (418,000), Footy’s Funniest (361,000 in 3 cities), The Front Bar (333,000 in 3 cities). World’s Deadliest Weather was 230,000.

Nine News (873,000 / 868,000) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (686,000), RBT (562,000), Hot Seat (426,000 / 252,000), AFL Footy Show (295,000 in 3 cities). The NRL Footy Show was 226,000 in 2 cities.

The Bachelorette was #1 for TEN with 978,000 followed by The Project (589,000 / 378,000), The Wrong Girl (477,000), TEN Eyewitness News (437,000) and Family Feud (304,000).

ABC News (677,000), 7:30 (484,000), Short Cuts to Glory: Matt Okine vs Food (258,000), Glitch (235,000), Grand Designs (177,000) and The Detectives (145,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Great British Railway Journeys (309,000), Gourmet Farmer (258,000), Junk Food Kids (162,000) and SBS World News (144,000). Versailles was 94,000.

7TWO’s Murdoch Mysteries topped multichannels with 232,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 21 September 2017

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  1. “ABC’s Glitch slipped from 329,000 to 235,000 -perhaps its key audience is already feeding on all eps available at iview.”

    Or perhaps they’re f’n tired of f’n watching f’n bogans f’n swearing at each other in a f’n poorly-written and f’n poorly-directed f’n soap opera. But seriously, I know several people who won’t watch Glitch (or tried to and abandoned it) because of this very reason. The writers of Glitch should realize that it is possible for two human beings to have a conversation without having to resort to the F word constantly. Yeah, grumpy old guy rant again.

    I wish media commentators would show some objectivity towards Oz TV and call it out when it’s obviously terrible.

    I swear (pun intended) this is the last time I will comment on Glitch.

    1. Glitch’s ratings are a reflection on the lack of quality and nothing to do with it being available on iview. I have to agree with Jimbo, it is terribly written, terribly directed and poorly acted. The cinematography and editing are its only redeeming features and neither of these elements are enough to retain an audience.

      The first season only just managed to hold me and the only reasons I stuck with it was to support local drama and out of hope it would improve. Last weeks episode was my last – far too much good stuff available elsewhere.

      The ABC have really dropped the ball with their Thursday night programing. A typically soft night that they should be dominating with good content. Instead they serve up a poor drama and outright strange cooking show aimed at a demographic that is renowned for not watching broadcast television.

  2. Less than 50,000 viewers have watched Glitch #2.1 on iview. While Netflix’s money has been used to boost the quality of the direction and production values, the story is still slow moving and doesn’t make much sense.

          1. Agree David. I have watched all Bachelor and Bachelorette series and was going to give Sophie a miss but her interview on The Project drew us in and we watched it. My brother never watches either show, but purely because it was Sophie he tuned in. Great work for 10. I didn’t think it would be so successful but it is. Fingers crossed she finds love and the series is a ratings winner. Always want 10 to do well so good luck!

          2. I find Sophie’s best quality is her ability to laugh at herself and not take herself too seriously. It’s so refreshing in the era of hyper-dramatised reality TV

          3. Agreed on the 2nd part to a large extent… But your key words are “recognition or curiosity will draw you in”… You have to be drawn in in the 1st place, or else you can’t stay. Its the drawing in that’s vital, especially when it comes to 10 shows.

            Elizabeth H even hit the nail on the head: “My brother never watches either show, but purely because it was Sophie he tuned in.”

            Put it this way, I’ve seen in the past that the show has had Alex Nation & Sam Frost. I promise you that even now, I couldn’t tell you if they were male or female. But names aside, the mainstream population knows who Sophie Monk is.

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