Fans missing The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on TEN

TEN may be about to be owned by CBS but fans of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert are scratching their heads over the sudden absence of the CBS show from schedules.

Repeats have been airing for two weeks with Colbert away from his desk in New York, but while he returned to duties today TEN no longer has the show scheduled.

Instead of following a repeat of The Project, it is now replaced by observational series 48 Hours.

On social media fans are asking if the show is returning:

This is dreadful. Stephen has been away but is back on 5.9.17 so surely the show should be broadcast again tomorrow night or as soon after it airs in the US as possible – yet it has gone for over a week and been replaced with 48hrs. Why oh why?

please let us plebs know what has happened to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert……..I was waiting in anticipation to tune in to see what the new episode would be like after the break but nothing 🙁 🙁 🙁 and forget about watching on 10play out here in the bush.

Channel 10 should let us know what’s happened to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

Where has Stephen Colbert gone ?

Hi guys, anyone know why Channel Ten have stopped playing the Colbert show? Still playing Corden…

I’m dying‼️AUSTRALIA The Stephan Colbert Show was CUT from lineup by WIN TV who acquired mgnt. of Northern NSW from TEN TV in Sydney.

Other quiet changes to schedules have seen FOX-owned The Simpsons repeats reduced to one night a week, 7:30pm Sundays, however that too is out while Australian Survivor is being roadblocked across 3 channels.

The CBS bid for TEN goes before creditors next Tuesday and could potentially face a shareholder challenge thereafter.

Updated: A TEN spokesperson said “Colbert is on hiatus and will return soon.”

Further update: Show returns tonight.


  1. Considering he just aired his first new episode in over 2 weeks on Tuesday, he is definitely not on hiatus. Why do commercial channels continue to treat their viewers with such contempt?

  2. Theory: Swap timeslots for ‘The Late Show’ & the repeat of ‘The Project’ repeat, push back ‘The Late Late Show’ by half an hour & air the Friday episode on a Saturday (maybe Saturday afternoon).

  3. It’s worth noting that this show has been getting (live) captioned, even after midnight…I’m guessing because it falls into some sort of news-related category & it’s on the main channel. After midnight Letterman never had captions. Is this another cost they don’t want to carry?
    If we’ve lost Stephen then here we’ll be watching almost nothing on this network (were catching part of The Project repeat while waiting for Late Show to start…prob won’t do this anymore either). Stupid move Ten.

  4. Perhaps they may starting to move programs around the channels. Personally l find Ten channels are just a jumble sale of programs. They need to define each channel for a target audience, after all they are chasing network shares. I remember when 11 started Ten suggested it would be a stand alone channel with its own suite of programs then along came the encores.

  5. All show segments have in the past been uploaded to the shows you tube page usually around 6pm ahead of Ten broadcast. Hopefully no region block magically appears today.

  6. You should also get a comment from the late night adult chat live advertisers that pop up so to speak during Colbert . The girls might have no one to talk to. But seriously I religiously watch Colbert and Letterman before him so hopefully a short term thing but as I said In lounge maybe CBS getting content for CBS all access

  7. I noticed it last night on the epg. Looked ahead 7 days on it and no Colbert .this must have something to do with cbs buying 10 but nevertheless, its a stupid decision. I love his show.hilarious monologues every night.ill be a gentleman and not swear at these pigs

  8. Rather watch 48hrs. At least its factual unlike Colbert’s show that has become a left wing propaganda outlet for his corporate sponsors pretending to be a “Comedy Show”.

    • There’s a difference between propaganda and having a perspective.

      The show is a comedy show. It may not be to your comedic tastes, so let’s leave your “propaganda” out of this.

  9. I see that The Late Late Show with James Corden is in the schedule. I hope Ten can clear up the Colbert situation. Fingers crossed it’s a huge misunderstanding and I get to see my favourite talk show tonight.

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