New Gogglebox cast members

Gogglebox has three new cast members this season with Lebanese Australians Matty and his fiancee Sarah Marie, and best friend Jad.

Sarah Marie is the owner of a makeup and hair agency, Matty a marketing and communications director, and Jad a cafe owner.

Executive producer, David McDonald said, “The most important thing about the Gogglebox cast is finding a diverse range of people who offer a variety of opinions and points of view. We’re really excited to see what Matty, Sarah Marie & Jad deliver with their unique take and opinions.”

The Sydney trio replace housemates Zina and Vivian.

Returning in October are Anastasia and Faye, Wayne and Tom, the Jackson family, the Delpechitra family, Angie and Yvie, Mick and Di, the Dalton family, Lee and Keith, Symon & Adam and the Silbery family.

Engaged couple Matty and Sarah Marie and their friend Jad have big personalities, a shared love of food and are excited to bring some “Middle-Eastern flavour” to Gogglebox Australia this season. Sarah Marie is your down-to-earth ‘girl next door’ and owner of a makeup and hair agency, entrepreneur and café owner Jad is the larrikin of the group, and Marketing and Communications Director Matty is the responsible one, having the final call on most things, including what’s on the box.

Matty and Jad have been friends for over 10 years, first meeting through the Sydney club scene where they both worked in their early twenties. Matty started dating Sarah Marie four years ago and the trio have formed a close friendship; Jad is like Matty and Sarah Marie’s younger, immature brother. Although having differing tastes in television – Matty lives and breathes sports, Sarah Marie loves her cartoons, and Jad is a fan of cooking shows – the three love sitting down to watch a movie together, so long as there is food involved.


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