Returning: The Letdown

A second Comedy Showroom pilot is returning for a series run.

A second Comedy Showroom pilot is returning for a series run with The Letdown to screen in late October.

The series, starring Alison Bell, is co-written by Bell and co-written by Sarah Scheller and produced by Giant Dwarf for ABC in Australia and Netflix internationally.

Directed by Trent O’Donnell it also features Noni Hazlehurst, Sacha Horler, Leon Ford, Lucy Durack, Celeste Barber, Leah Vandenberg, Xana Tang and Sarah Peirse.

Duncan Fellows replaces Ewen Leslie as Audrey’s husband, requiring some scenes from the pilot to be reshot (new version will kick off the series, followed by 6 new episodes).

It will follow the return of Rosehaven in late October, with The Ex-PM on Thursdays beefing up ABC’s comedy output.

ABC Head of Television David Anderson says “We’re lucky here in Australia to have such dynamic and risk-taking comedy talent. It means there is always a sense of freshness and edge in what we get to see. Next month’s line up is no different – Rosehaven, The Letdown and The Ex-PM are a great showcase of Australian comedy at its best. We look forward to sharing triple the laughs with our audiences!”

ABC Head of Comedy Rick Kalowski says “These three series Rosehaven, The Ex-PM and The Letdown – the first a small town charmer, the second a joke-packed political satire, the third an often heartbreaking comedy-drama, from creators / stars both established and new – speak to the ABC’s unceasing commitment to be the home of Australian comedy of every kind. We couldn’t be prouder of all three shows.”

The Letdown is the story of Audrey (Alison Bell), a struggling new mum, and the parents group she thinks she doesn’t need. The series proves that being a parent can be both extreme and hilarious.

9.35pm Wednesday 25 October on ABC.

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