Sam Johnson pays tribute to sister, Connie.

Actor Sam Johnson yesterday paid tribute to his sister Connie, who died yesterday following her battle with cancer.

“We lost Connie today. Or, as she asked me to say, she died of cancer today,” he wrote on Facebook. “It was so beautiful. We laughed, we cried, we sang stupid songs from our childhood to her, which she loved (mostly!). I read her so many village messages, which she relished. She went so richly, and with such grace. Trust me, she was genuinely cushioned by your love, till the end.”

Connie Johnson, 40, became the face of the Love Your Sister charity, which raised a staggering $4m towards cancer research through campaigning across Australia.

Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove dropped by Connie’s bed at a Canberra hospice on Thursday to award the mother-of-two a Medal of the Order of Australia in recognition of her tireless work for others battling breast cancer.

Sam Johnson made Herculean steps to the cause including cycling around Australia, with a Gold Logie win and speech bringing further public attention the wider campaign.

In February 2016, he announced his retirement from acting in order to help focus on Connie’s fundraising efforts.

“Smart people helped me build a place for us villagers to share our confusement. Please leave your tributes there, so our family can keep them forever?,” he said.

“I’m sad and sorry to be the one to tell you this, yet at the same time, as the Chief Custodian of my sister’s legacy, I also feel extremely grateful and proud.”


  1. As well as echoing the messages of sympathy, I would like to champion Sam’s willingness to set aside what the world thought was important (his career) to live a life that made a real difference to what he knew to be important. Thanks for the example, Samuel.

  2. Why is this article even on your blog? So now when an actor’s family member dies it warrants a story here, even if they weren’t on TV? What next, Vale: KAK’s dog dies?

    • Firstly it is not a Vale story. Secondly I have filed on Sam Johnson’s charitable efforts in the past and Logie speech and make no apology for that. Thirdly you seem to have ongoing issues with my editorial choices but nobody is forcing you to visit. Fourth happy Sunday.

    • Thought for the day: Run your own personal blog, file whatever posts you like.

      If you don’t like a blog, it’s easy to unsubscribe. Simple.

      Vale Connie. Continue the great work, Sam.

  3. I attended TEDx Brisbane a few years ago and Connie was one of the speakers and was truly an inspiration. I’ve followed her journey quite closely since then and shed a tear upon hearing this news. She is an incredible woman. Samuel should also be applauded for the love and support he’s shown her and the cause generally. RIP.

  4. I shouldn’t have tears in my eyes or feel so sad about this but I do, after seeing Sam on Anh’s Brush with Fame it really seems to have brought me closer to this. What a champion Connie was, keep fighting the good fight Sam you’ve been through a lot in life and going on what I saw on the surface Connie would want you to keep pushing forward.

    Vale Connie.

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