The Block twice the size of Highway Patrol, Australian Survivor.

Ratings: Nine renovation series sure is enjoying an uptick this week.

Nine had another Monday where it won all the early evening timeslots, from Nine News through to This Time Next Year.

The Block is enjoying an uptick with 1.32m as its biggest Monday audience this season, twice the size of its opposition and topping the demos. 7:30, Highway Patrol were under 670,000 with Australian Survivor under 600,000.

The gap closed at 8:40pm with This Time Next Year at 876,000 still ahead of Have You Been Paying Attention (which was higher in demos) and Four Corners at 8:30UK drama Little Boy Blue was some distance behind for Seven.

Other timeslot wins went to Nine News, ACA and The Chase.

Nine network won Monday with 30.7% followed by Seven 25.3%, ABC 18.8%, TEN 18.4% and SBS 6.8%.

The Block was #1 for Nine with 1.32m viewers then Nine News (1.07m / 990,000), A Current Affair (923,000), This Time Next Year (876,000) and Hot Seat (472,000 / 286,000). Footy Classified was 245,000 in 3 cities.

Seven News (1.03m / 1.00m) was best for Seven then Home and Away (711,000), Highway Patrol (643,000 / 612,000), The Chase (585,000 / 370,000) and Little Boy Blue (490,000 / 426,000). Talking Footy was 117,000 in 3 cities on 7mate.

ABC News (760,000), Four Corners (718,000), Australian Story (685,000), 7:30 (669,000), Media Watch (543,000) and Q&A (417,000).

Have You Been Paying Attention? (737,000) was best on TEN followed by The Project (618,000 / 395,000), Australian Survivor (595,000), TEN Eyewitness News (502,000), Family Feud (355,000) and Life in Pieces (288,000 / 166,000).

On SBS it was The Obesity Myth (263,000), London’s Super Tunnel (188,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (182,000) and SBS World News (158,000).

Shaun the Sheep showed how it’s done on multichannels again with 222,000.

Today: 289,000
Sunrise: 265,000
News Breakfast: 96,000 /

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 11 September 2017

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  1. I disagree with the comments here. Survivor has been much better this season than last season. Kristie was a dud winner who won because the jury was bitter against Lee. The Saanapu alliance last year made the second half of the season boring because no one was willing to flip and they all played it far too safe.

    This year AK, Henry, Sarah, Tess and Luke in particular have been interesting players who have been willing to take risks and make big moves. The tribal swaps and twists are well done and have made this season the same quality as Survivor: Second Chance, one of the show’s best seasons.

  2. It’s so good to see how much Australian content is currently on tv. Many people say this is not the same as what it was 5-10 years ago, however – I’m loving that amount of Aussie shows I can catch up on. In regards to Aus Survivor, I have to admit… I bloody love it! Although, I don’t remember the original US show having about 80% just talking about who they are voting out. Could be wrong though….

  3. No wonder Survivor’s ratings are rubbish, the casting this season has been atrocious. Smarmy contestants that are devoid of personality or heart. Doesn’t make for enjoyable viewing when you can’t engage with who you’re watching.

    1. Do agree that this year’s contestants are hard to connect with – overall neither likeable or engaging.
      Am still enjoying watching but haven’t found anyone worth barracking for this season.

      1. Kristie wasn’t exactly a crowd fave until late last season, but there were others to entertain us. It isn’t ideal that AK as a villain or ex-Soldier Mark as a hero were voted out already, but that’s the game. It enables others to show their mettle. Last year the series got better as it wore on so hoping for same this year.

        1. Yes, a shame that AK has already gone – a great villain but a little too transparent.
          He may well have still been there if the producers didn’t meddle with the natural flow of the game.
          Henry and Sarah, whilst not very likeable, are both very clever and playing the game really well. They should both go far. Henry is a more subtle, charming “villain” than AK and deserves to be there in the end.

    2. I totally agree. I’m persisting because I usually enjoy Survivor and I’m hoping it improves but I just don’t care who wins or leaves. I’m not sure if it’s the editing or casting but I’m finding this season really boring.

  4. Seven are lucky they have a few of these filler shows (Highway Patrol, Border Security, Beach Cops, etc) they can throw in to the schedule when need be, that are cheap to make and perform consistently. When even a Highway Patrol rerun is beating Survivor, things are not good for Ten.

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