Bachelorette tops Thursday, Nine lands third.

Ratings: Bachelorette & Gogglebox too strong. But multichannels help Seven win the night.

Last night demonstrated why there is still a tussle over Australia’s third commercial network.

TEN was the leading primary channel last night, with The Bachelorette topping the night and Gogglebox the second top entertainment show. Together with The Project TEN also scored the first 3 places in the Demos.

The Bachelorette dominated with 985,000 viewers (with Apollo already firming as a potential 2018 Bachelor if he doesn’t win Sophie’s heart), well ahead of an extended Home and Away with a 30 minute head start, RBT and 7:30.

Gogglebox on 826,000 was also without peer, beating everything on Nine (including its 6pm news) and all of Seven’s entertainment shows.

Nine had a lucklustre night but at least remains on track to win the week.

ABC unveiled new UK panel show Insert Name Here but Glitch is fading away at a dismal 203,000. Food Safari Earth debuted to 244,000 on SBS.

Thanks to multichannels, Seven network won Thursday with 28.9% then TEN 25.8%, Nine 24.0%, ABC 13.9% and SBS 7.3%.

Seven News (870,000 / 860,000) was best for Seven then, Home and Away (600,000), The Chase (536,000 / 349,000) and Movie: The Intern (504,00).

The Bachelorette was #1 for TEN with 985,000 then Gogglebox (826,000), The Project (537,000 / 345,000), TEN Eyewitness News (427,000), Law & Order: SVU (366,000) and Family Feud (330,000).

Nine News (820,000 / 812,000) led for Nine followed by A Current Affair (731,000), RBT (594,000), Hot Seat (407,000 / 241,000) and Movie: Olympus Has Fallen (356,000).

ABC News (699,000), 7:30 (469,000), Insert Name Here (330,000), Glitch (203,000), Grand Designs (178,000). The Murder Detectives was just 111,000.

On SBS it was Great British Railway Journeys (290,000), Food Safari Earth (244,000), River Cottage Australia (211,000), SBS World News (121,000) and Bosch (112,000).

Shaun the Sheep showed off with 255,000 on multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 12 October 2017.

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  1. Glitch-saw some of it-one reason its not doing well is the poor dialogue and no research-eg a Private could not be awarded the Military Cross (MC), only commissioned officers were eligible-the equivalent for NCOs and Other Ranks was the Military Medal (MM) which is a disc shape with a different ribbon.

  2. Shame about the ratings for Glitch – I’m enjoying it. Some of the storyline is a bit inconceivable but they have managed to convey quite an eerie atmosphere and it’s interesting enough to keep me watching.
    Yes, can see Apollo being the next Bachelor. He seems to have it all and comes across a lot older and more mature than 24. Reminds me of a cross between James Packer/Jaws from James Bond on a particularly good day and Eric Bana. But just wonder how genuine he really is, using a stage name on a dating show.
    James is lovely – I think he would be the best match for Sophie. Poor old Jarrod is coming across as way too obsessive and manic. Think he’s being kept hanging on, purely for entertainment value.

    1. Sully, it really retracts from a good quality article when people with a clear bias make comments like this- it adds nothing to the editorial quality and discussion of the topic- to say 7 had a great night is just rubbish they came 2nd (not far off all the others that u said were dead) and were smashed by ten.. do u work at channel 7 and are paid to come on here and try to talk them up!

      1. What was wrong with my post?

        Seven’s primary share was over 20% and less than 0.5% off Ten’s main channel.

        That wasn’t my point though, as you’ll notice I praised Ten most of all.

        The point was “The Intern” actually performed well, name even 5 other movies that have rated over 500k this year (I can only think of 3).

        Fine then, I won’t comment on multiple observarions and be fair, I’ll just praise the network that won and ignore eveyone else.

  3. I’ll start watching Glitch in a couple of weeks, once all episodes are complete. Then I can watch them in recorded HD over the course of a few nights to a week. Insert Name Here is a Foxtel title, so I wonder if ABC has second run rights, or have obtained first run. I had no idea it was on.
    Good to see Gogglebox work well for TEN, so many viewers for a show that airs the night before on LifeStyle, which is when and where I watch it.

    1. Same….watching Glitch delayed too. All recorded on my PVR.

      Go 10 on a successful night. 7 has never cared about Thursday nights, so I am glad someone is. It’s great reading that they had a great night all round. I wonder why Gogglebox (despite 2 seasons a year) season is so short? I don’t want it personally but great to see shows with a different attractiving viewers.

  4. Hot Seat is back to being the number 3 gameshow last night. The Chase seems to be dropping back too. Its been number 1 in its timeslot for a while now but its lead isn’t far ahead of TEN News anymore.
    I really Enjoy Sophie, she really is no bullshit. Last year Georgia was loving the compliments and trying to get them to commit so early on in a needy way.
    Sophie is like, Yep, Yeah, Yeah but you can tell she’s thinking,you’re not getting a rose. Very deserved ratings across all platforms.

  5. Congrats TEN. Some good news in a time of doom and gloom. And didn’t need a Fox title to do it. But as said x times previously, shows like Gogglebox and HYBPA do much better than the terribly expensive jungle-fests (I’mASGMOOH and Survivor). And in the case of Gogglebox not one ex-‘celebrity’ or a wanna-be ‘celebrity’ in sight. Find myself having to add a pre-B&B half-hour to my afternoon indulgence with Matt Sinclair’s cooking show on TEN at 4pm. Wouldn’t this be better in primetime than Jamie Oliver cooking black something or other?

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