FOX on ONE block includes Back Page Live, A-League.

More signs of closer ties between Foxtel and TEN network with a FOX on ONE programming block to begin this Saturday night.

FOX Sports-produced Back Page Live, hosted by Tony Squires and Kelli Underwood will screen at 7pm, followed by A-League at 7:45pm.

Back Page Live will air Saturday nights on FOX Sports 506 at 10.15pm after the matches, subject to sporting commitments (which means Live on ONE first).

The move also puts Kelli Underwood back on TEN screens, having departed in 2012.


  1. That is a good way to go for TEN, be good if when/if CBS do own TEN they use ONE as a Foxtel/CBS Channel. Like how Eleven was a TEN/CBS Channel. If done right it could work both ways, say for instance TEN catch up on Wentworth then run it just before the new season starts on Foxtel. Adverts during it on TEN can say: Be sure to catch the new season of Wentworth on Foxtel as of next Tuesday. Same could go for A Place To Call Home and whatever other shows they want, The Flash, Gotham, Supergirl, Legends Of Tomorrow could turn up on ONE. As could Suits, TEN are no stranger to USA TV shows with White Collar, Psych and others having aired on it, so many possibilities with a first run Foxtel and a second run TEN deal if CBS play it right.

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