Gogglebox returns to best-ever numbers

Gogglebox last night drew its best numbers since launching on TEN in 2015, with 824,000 viewing. That’s in addition to topping Pay TV on Wednesday night.

But a rare Thursday edition of The Block (due to NRL final on Sunday) was the night’s top show at 1.17m viewers. That denied The Bachelorette timeslot win, settling for 793,000. All three shows hogged the Demos while TEN’s primary channel edged ahead of Seven.

Nine News, ACA and The Chase won their slots.

A late Socceroos match drew 186,000 in 4 cities plus 20,000 on 9GO! in Perth.

Nine network won Thursday with 28.5% then Seven 27.1%, TEN 23.9%, ABC 13.4% and SBS 7.1%.

The Block was #1 for Nine with 1.17m then Nine News (924,000 / 882,000), A Current Affair (775,000) and Hot Seat (440,000 / 270,000). Movie: Meet the Parents was 163,000 in 3 cities.

Seven News (897,000 / 880,000) was best for Seven then Home and Away (583,000), The Chase (533,000 / 353,000), Mrs. Brown’s Boys (475,000 / 471,000) and World’s Deadliest Weather: Caught on Camera (245,000).

Gogglebox (824,000) topped TEN’s night followed by The Bachelorette (793,000), The Project (499,000 / 284,000), TEN Eyewitness News (412,000), Law & Order: SVU (381,000) and Family Feud (276,000).

ABC News (708,000), 7:30 (552,000), Short Cuts to Glory: Matt Okine vs Food (313,000), Glitch (221,000), and Grand Designs (163,000). The Murder Detectives was just 113,000.

On SBS it was Great British Railway Journeys (294,000), Gourmet Farmer (258,000), River Cottage Australia (250,000), Bosch and SBS World News (both 115,000).

Shaun the Sheep drew a daggy 207,000 on multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 5 October 2017


  1. I love the way Gogglebox is edited so it appears uncensored – they absolutely bagged Cannonball, and it was hilarious to see Angie rating the footballers on whether she’d do them as the national anthem was played and the camera went from player to player!

    • Can you imagine what the reaction would be like if it was the two young fellows rating the girls of AFLW or NRLW, (well they are probably bad examples), Miss world or something and if they would do them or not…. The double standards in this country are laughable…

      • So… imagine a situation, imagine how it goes, then claim it’s a sign of “double standards”?

        I know it’s said that having a “healthy fantasy life” is necessary for being happy, but in this case it seems to be having the opposite effect…

        (p.s. did you miss the two new guys ogling & commenting on the women in a couple of shows they watched?)

    • That kind of info is personal, whether on Gogglebox or reading the 6pm news. Most articles I have read surrounding the latter are usually based on guesses. As for Gogglebox, I think we can safely say they are hardly the best paid on telly and were probably signed to 3 yr contracts from the start (or similar). A few have mentioned first overseas holidays in years….

  2. It was intriguing to watch the EPG change before our eyes, MASH to Hogan’s Heroes on Wednesday and MASH to Happy Days on Thursday. What will it be tonight?

  3. Watched Gogglebox for the first time in ages… and loved it. I laughed out loud a number of times. Well put together and fast paced. Who’d of thunk a TV show about people watching TV would work.

    Also must note, this is the first week we’ve ever watched The Block outside of the regular Sunday night reveals [where we record and skip all the crap/drama during the first hour]. Garden week has been great – although more an insight into human nature than landscaping!

    • They’ve done it a bit on Eleven, switched Malcolm to Raymond and back again. Schedule Futurama, then change to Raymond, but air Comedy Montreal 2016.

      • And I’ve just noticed they’ve pulled Malcolm again for Raymond, and all the animation domination is gone on Wednesdays, replaced Penguins of Madagascar with Raymond too on Saturday. Ten must have some rights on hold to some shows or something right now.

        • Interestingly Malcolm In The Middle, M*A*S*H and Futurama are all 20th Century Fox/Television distributed shows. While Everybody Loves Raymond and Hogan’s Heroes are CBS Television distributed shows, with the Montreal Comedy Festival shows air on CBS in the US.

          Of course The Simpsons and Bob’s Burgers are also Fox so you know Tin Foil Hat and all that for me 😉

  4. I watched my recording of Gogglebox last night, great and well deserved comments about Cannonball. The new people fitted in well too, glad to see this show back, but I assume it’ll be another short 8 week stint as ratings reason draws to a close around then.

  5. How did Ten’s main channel not beat Nine’s?

    Look at Channel 10’s ratings from 7:30pm to late night including SUV.

    Must’ve been early evening that let them down.

    Meet The Parents didn’t rate well.

    • Easy to see why. Nine’s main channel rated well above Ten from 6 to 9 pm giving them an easy win. Nine has now won 5 nights in a row, Thursday’s being the lowest margin. Sunday through to Wednesday have been massive wins.

      • “The Demos”, which is what TEN and WIN base their sales pitches on, are News and The Block. Everything else was TEN, TEN, and TEN. 6pm is TEN’s switch-off as their audience moves to 7 & 9 for today’s supermarket survey and live reports from someone somewhere in front of something back there that happened yesterday or the day before, adding nothing to what we’ve already been told.

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