Kerri-Anne reveals domestic violence, cocaine during 1970s.

Kerri-Anne Kennerley has revealed aiming a gun at her first husband, New York music producer Jimmy Miller, after being subjected to domestic violence.

Speaking to Sunday Night, ahead of her autobiography publication, she recalled ongoing abuse during her marriage in the late 1970s. After violent scenes, Miller was always apologetic, but the routine did not change.

“He was very abusive at times and you realise you can’t go on like that. But also, it’s really hard to get out,” she said.

“Somebody controls every aspect of your life, everything you do, everything you say virtually, everybody you meet and your world gets smaller and smaller and smaller and it’s sort of really almost normal… but somewhere in there you know it’s not normal.

“He always had a .22 rifle above the door in the bedroom so I just remember I was actually quite calm about it, I just went and got the gun, aimed it at him and said, ‘I will shoot you if you come anywhere near me’,” she said.

Asked if she would have fired she replied, “I think I probably would have”.

She later left the marriage, supported by John Kennerley, whom she would later wed.

She also revealed during her New York era she partied hard at Studio 54, recalling, “I think that’s where I earned my stripes for partying.”

“Cocaine was pretty rife everywhere and a couple of times I may have taken some of that you realise that it’s actually really fabulous.”

Admitting she partook “a few times” before stopping, she added, “I realised it was too good.

“I’d seen all those movies with heroin-addled people with terrible skin and hair and that was the image of a junkie. I didn’t want to be a junkie.”

KAK was also asked about former Good Morning Australia host Gordon Elliott, who she came to despise.

“Towards the end of the relationship he wasn’t always nice or polite,” she said. “He really just thought he was the ants pants. He was as arrogant as they would come. But I didn’t realise how much he disliked me until the very last year. He and I, probably other than on camera, during the last year did not speak a word.

“He was just a 26, 28 year old boofhead.”


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