Returning: Red Oaks

Season 3 of US comedy Red Oaks will air on Amazon next week.

The series stars Craig Roberts as a college student begins working at a New Jersey country club during his summer break in 1985.

Starring Craig Roberts, Ennis Esmer, Oliver Cooper, Alexandra Turshen, Richard Kind and Paul Reiser, season three finds David in the Big Apple during the summer of ‘87, working at a video production company, and striking out with the ladies of New York. Luckily he’s got roommate Wheeler to help cheer him up. But Wheeler’s got his own problems, with the appearance on the scene of a handsome rival for Misty’s affections. Meanwhile Nash brings an incarcerated Getty news of a threat to the future of their beloved Red Oaks. Red Oaks season three will be available in English with subtitles available in French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Friday October 20 on Amazon.

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