1. Very impressive figures for the soccer match on GO .imagine if it was shown on the main nine channel probably would have doubled that figure .goes to show FTA needs to get more soccer on .it clealry rates.

  2. I always get confused about the program sections – how does the split work for the 2 figures for each og the morning programs?
    The Morning Show: 114,000/ 71,000
    Today Extra: 107,000 / 70,000
    Studio 10: 75,000 / 69,000 / 51,000

  3. I thought Jonathan La Paglia did a good job as Jeff Probst but fell short in the ad lib stakes in the reunion part – it seemed to drag on and be punctuated by ads every five minutes. Would be surprised to see it back on those disappointing finale numbers even though it did well in demos.

    • I thought our reunion show was much better and more people were given the chance to speak rather than 3 or 4 like in the US version. I predict it will be back next year. People forget that before Survivor Ten were rating 300-400k in these timeslots.

      • Cost of mounting it is a major factor and poor results for a finale that can’t be delay watched by most people is not a good sign going forward.

        • If everything that rated around 600-700k got cancelled you would only have shows such as The Block,MKR, Married at First Sight, Ninja Warrior and The Voice on air. Even US Survivor in it’s heyday didn’t rate much more than 1m in Australia.

          • Also I have read that the cost to make Australian Survivor is much less than that of US Survivor.

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