Sunday Night: Oct 8

It’s a staggering promo for Sunday Night in which Kerri-Anne Kennerley admits to taking a gun and taking aim at someone….

A Bold Life
There’s a sense of fun, of mischief, a sunny optimism about Kerri-Anne Kennerley. And it’s totally infectious. That’s the KAK we all know, respect and love. There’s never been the slightest hint she had anything to hide. But she did. There’s a dark secret in her past, and now she’s ready to tell the whole story in an exclusive interview with Sunday Night’s Angela Cox. An interview that helps explain where Kerri-Anne gets her strength, and why she’s one of the great survivors of Australian television.

Food for Thought
Maggie Beer is the kind of cook you’d love to have in your kitchen. No ego, no tantrums, no bells and whistles. Just lots of wisdom and, of course, delicious food. So it’s no real surprise her latest passion is what she calls “a life book” – a collection of recipes that can help prevent dementia. Which is especially timely, as it’s now the number one killer of women in Australia. Sunday Night’s Alex Cullen reports.

Sunday at 8.00pm on Seven.


  1. The Kerri-Anne story is probably worth about 3 minutes, but will be dragged on for a good half hour, with lots of sotto voces and sympathetic facial expressions by the interviewer. Same old, same old. I just wish they’d give up, forever. Ditto 60 Minutes.

  2. Why would anyone want to watch either of these stories ? Seriously ? Is this news ? Is this even current affairs? How about a story on the way the Seven Network deals with women in the workplace ?

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