7News presents: Framed

Two years after a Sunday Night report, a WA murder case will be given a retrial.

On Monday Seven will screen a news special by Michael Usher, following confirmation that WA man Scott Austic granted retrial 13 years after his life sentence for the murder of his partner Stacey Thorne.

The news follows a two-year investigation by Michael Usher which claimed crucial evidence against Austic was planted by police. This originally screened on Sunday Night.

7NEWS Presents: Framed will feature new evidence, insight from legal and forensic experts at the centre of the case and exclusive interviews with Austic’s mother and daughter.

Austic’s mother Robyn Austic said: “We’re very grateful for 7NEWS and Michael Usher for shining a big spotlight on Scott’s case, and so is he. The Seven report on the investigation into the case gave Scott’s legal fight a huge push, and was crucial in winning the right to appeal. We’re very thankful.”

Michael Usher added: “This is a big victory. Scott’s mother and daughters and his entire legal team have fought so hard for this. Now he gets a chance to have the evidence truly tested.”

Austic was convicted in 2009 and sentenced to life in prison for the stabbing murder of Stacey in Boddington, 120km from Perth. Austic, his family and team of lawyers and forensic experts have always maintained he didn’t do it.

The original 7NEWS investigation, which aired in 2018, led WA Attorney-General John Quigley to refer Austic’s case back to the Court of Appeal.

Monday 18 May at 9.45pm (Per 8.45pm) on Seven.