The Block auction scores 3 year high

Ratings: Nine pulls a 40% share -while ABC's two doctors prove immune to reality competition.

The Block managed its highest finale in 3 years, pulling 2.26m viewers for The Winner Announced and 1.98m for the bulk of its finale.

Clearly topping the demos, its audience was biggest in Melbourne where 780,000 viewed, ahead of Sydney’s  589,000. It was up on 2016’s 2.1m / 1.71m.

However Nine advises once adjusted it will settle on 2.46m /1.99m.

That’s of little consequence to the competition who were miles behind, although it has to be said Doc Martin and Doctor Blake were seemingly immune for ABC at 933,000 / 902,000 respectively.

Seven proved competitive for its 6pm News but took a fall from 7pm. But it was TEN that copped a hiding, unable to rise above 360,000 all night, with a share in single digits.

Nine network won Sunday with 40.6% then Seven 24.7%, ABC 19.6%, TEN 9.7% and SBS 5.5%.

Outside of The Block, 60 Minutes was 1.46m in preliminary figures, Nine News was 1.02m and Australian Crime Stories was 693,000 in preliminary.

Seven News (922,000) led for Seven followed by Sunday Night (568,000) and movie: Star Wars: A New Hope (461,000).

Doc Martin (933,000) and The Doctor Blake Mysteries (902,000) was strong for ABC then ABC News (758,000) and Wallander (357,000).  Classic Countdown was 236,000.

TEN Eyewitness News was 357,000 then The Sunday Project (229,000 / 198,000), Family Feud (217,000), Bull (213,000) and NCIS: New Orleans (207,000 / 181,000) on TEN.

On SBS it was Underwater Pompeii (211,000), Robert Redford’s The West (153,000) and SBS World News (139,000).

7mate’s Rugby League World Cup dominated multichannels with 227,000 best at Twilight.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 29 October 2017

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  1. I have a question, I watch gogglebox and the narrator says every week that 4 million of us watch tv every night. who comes up with this number? how accurate is it and are the saying it is 4 million individuals or 4 million tvs?

  2. The Doctors get outrated by Australian Crime Stories (and probably other shows as well) for people under 55. They attract a different audience, on that is growing and is also targeted by 72 and Gem. But it’s not the audience that advertisers are targeting on the main channels.

      1. The Doctors still rated less than 254k (25-54) and 133k (16-34). They rated quite a bit less than those last Sunday, so it would seem unlikely one would move into 5th after the correction. My recording of House only started 3 minutes late, so the overrun doesn’t look huge.

    1. The other thing to take note of is the Consolidated figures – Dr Blake in particular is good for an extra 15%~20% (or more) in +7 figures, while it’s not unusual for Doc Martin to pick up an extra ~10%.

      Reality is usually lucky to get an extra couple of %, while news & sport are frequently 0%-1%…

      (Even more interesting: the variation in the +7 boosts that Drs Blake & Martin get? Almost all due to variation in the overnight numbers. +7 & +28 viewers are remarkably stable…)

      Drama in general gets a boost compared to everything else – e.g. Wake In Fright picked up 15%-20% increases in +7, albeit off a low base, & Downton also did well – but the ABC seems to have non-broadcast viewing sown up across all demos.

    1. Sunday Project was TEN’s top rating show after 6pm. If CBS think their top dramas will work in Oz then they’d better look at last night. Bull (aptly named) only beat coming 5th in its slot by 2,000.

    2. The problem for ten is left leaning viewers have already had a day full of left leaning political talk on the ABC, by 630pm people have had enough- this is clearly evident by the very low ratings the Project receives on a Sunday night week after week.

      1. Sounds very scientific of you Bren88. Perhaps the low numbers just have to do with a massive finale on another channel.

        There is very hot weather outside (in most of the country) I can’t imagine people are sitting at home all day watching the ABC and “have had enough” by 6:30pm. Think that’s a really long bow you are trying to draw.

        1. Hi JM… not at all scientific but realistic and commonsense… Look at the ratings every Sunday the Project is convincingly beaten and lands in 4th place..look at its content its almost word for word as the ABC’s insiders and as for the heat outside, well that hasn’t seemed to stop 2million people tuning into 7 and 9 news! These are the facts, but hey I know what it is like when you love a show to death, like you love the Project, and it flunks in the ratings and you just want to make every excuse you can to say things aren’t as bad as it seems and its due to all these other forces like the weather and competition!

  3. Searching the record books for the lowest primary channel share on a Sunday? Look no further than last night – I think 5.7 for Ten would be a record. Doubt Bull and NCIS:NO will bounce back next week despite only moderate opposition now that the Block has finished. Even if Bull doubled its audience – it is a flop at 7.30pm.

    1. If The Wall and Food Fight prove popular, Bull won’t get much of an easier run next week. It was rating twice as much after 9pm in Winter so they might try it back there (though it will rate less now). What does Ten have that would rate better at 7:30pm? CBS will need to air Bull somewhere in prime-time, to maximise what they can make in Australia and to create DVD and possibly cable sales down the track.

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