The Wall beats Family Food Fight in new ratings war

Ratings: Seven game show gives away more cash in a single night than Nine's food show offers all season -and claims first victory.

Seven has claimed victory in the first night of the final ratings chapter for 2017.

The Wall won its timeslot convincingly with 974,000 viewers, beating an extended Family Food Fight on 614,000. Nine’s new food show was eclipsed by Australian Story on 750,000 & 7:30 on 698,000, leaving All Star Family Feud with 439,000.

Seven’s new game show, which gave away more than twice the cash prize of Nine’s season in a single night, was also second in the demos for the night. But social media comment was divisive, meaning this battle may not be over.

By 8:30pm Have You Been Paying Attention? hit the front with 725,000 viewers -#1 in the demos for Monday – ahead of Four Corners, Liar. Nine’s Menendez Murders kicked in at 9:20pm.

Seven News, ACA & The Chase all won their slots.

Seven network won Monday with 30.5% then Nine 24.2%, ABC 21.2%, TEN 17.2% and SBS 7.0%.

Seven News (994,000 / 976,000) was #1 for Seven followed by The Wall (974,000), Home and Away (705,000), The Chase (585,000 / 372,000), Liar (512,000). Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders was 205,000).

Nine News (978,000 / 940,000) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (868,000), Family Food Fight (614,000), Hot Seat (491,000 / 291,000), Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders (325,000).

ABC News (773,000) was best for ABC then Australian Story (750,000), 7:30 (698,000), Four Corners (618,000), Media Watch (586,000) and Q&A (575,000).

Have You Been Paying Attention? won its slot with 725,000 for TEN followed by The Project (537,000 / 354,000), TEN Eyewitness News (440,000), All Star Family Feud (439,000), Family Feud (305,000) and Man with a Plan (301,000).

On SBS it was The World’s Most Extraordinary People (195,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (178,000), River Cottage Australia (176,000) and SBS World News (140,000).

Hey Duggee topped multichannels with 224,000.

Sunrise: 280,000
Today: 273,000
News Breakfast: 111,000 / 47,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 30 October 2017.

33 Responses

  1. I can’t imagine The Wall sustaining those numbers. I’m sure like me, many tuned in because it looked like a fun gimmick, but the show is too bloated with contestant stories and there’s a full hour of it. I turned off the first episode at the first commercial break. Make it a lean 30 minutes of ball dropping and I might come back.

  2. I actually really enjoyed Family Food Fight. It was lovely to see the diverse casting of the families and how they all share one thing in common, the coming together to share a loving family meal. If they can keep that up and not turn it into the families picking on each other, it’s a very positive way of showing the benefits multiculturalism in this country.

  3. We watched Wall but probably wouldn’t watch it again. I know the balls dropping are the highlight, not the questions but we like a fast game show. Suspect the ratings will reflect that tonight.

  4. I watched Family Food Fight (or FFF as the show’s trashy looking neon lights showed…) and I enjoyed it for the most part… a few things though:
    Having it stretch out nearly two hours with just one challenge was testing the endurance and patience I have to admit. I thought for the most part the casting was good, if not spectacular. I enjoyed the raw “family” talk after the judges ate their food and moved on… I thought there was nice realness amongst these moments…
    Despite the over zealous contestants gushing over the kitchens, I thought they were trashy and too bright for my liking… like it was designed for a play-dough “cooking” segment on Play School…
    Matt Moran is a talent… I love his grounded, honest demeanour which is why he fits the laid back Bake Off so well (and one of the non reasons I gave this a shot to begin with). The other three judges were just meh for me…

  5. I think a substantial portion of the ratings for The Wall was curiosity factor. I expect that tonight’s numbers will be a lot less.

    Did anyone watch Liar? I’m wondering whether it’s worth checking out?

    1. I’ve pvr’d Liar but I don’t think I’m going to give it a go because 7 have turned me off their network due to not scheduling new episodes of greys and playing around with the scheduling of Chicago Fire. If you can’t fast track a popular show on a multichannel (greys) like you did last year and are playing around with the schedule of a show in a very late night timeslot (Chicago) what hope does a show in primetime have?

    1. Nine is not even all of “Nine” (as in their Newcastle & Darwin stations). Just the 5 capitals as shown on the Ratings page. Canberra, Hobart, Darwin not considered as worthy “capitals”. Those, and the SCA-owned Nine-branded stations are “regional”, and not included.

    1. I enjoyed it too.
      I even had a game card for the Haul of Cash segment.
      Did not instantly win any money (3 matches I had, 4 was the requirement to instantly win money) but will enter the second chance draw. If the stars align, I might win money.

    2. I agree. We were flicking between FFF and The Wall.

      FFF was a bore – 2 hours of families yelling at each other while they cook is not fun to watch, especially when I can watch that with my own extended family every week.

      The Wall was as you put it mindless fun. I won’t watch every episode but if there is nothing else on, I will put it on.

  6. Watched The Wall and thought it was just OK. There’s just way too much talking and not enough gameplay going on, due to its 75 minute length.

    Not interested in cooking shows, so I would watch The Wall over Family Food Fight, even if FFF was good.

  7. Not what I nor many were expecting. Those ratings for Family Food Fight in Adelaide and Perth are unacceptable! A disappointing wake-up for Nine executives this morning, had the better promos and Block finale to launch. The Wall was equally bad, won’t be returning to either. Hopefully ABC, Ten and multi-channels will offer me something the next two months. I actually watched Indiana Jones again haha

    1. We lasted about 30 minutes on FFF. The judges may have ben familiar, but unless I fell asleep, they were not actually introduced and identified. Then we had all these family members, all shouting and showing off in front of the cameras. A little decorum goes a long way. So we left.

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