1. Hmmm… I found Screen Time to be a bit of a letdown… only focusing on one TV show and one movie (with bits and pieces and comments on other similar fare) over the episode was a bit lacklustre. And especially focusing on what is essentially a niche show in Broad City… (in which I enjoy btw), may have alienated some people.
    I didn’t feel any chemistry amongst the panellists and Chris wasn’t a strong host imo… plus the editing makes me appreciate Gruen’s mostly streamlined appearance post editing… it just didn’t gel… there were things that were just… off.
    Did anyone else watch it?

    • I watched, and sadly was disappointed! I was kinda expecting Gruen but for TV, instead it was just a mish mash of blah – are we sure they didn’t air one of the rehersals?

    • Underwhelmed. Sami Shah was good and had a few interesting things to say; the rest weren’t. The film review was poor, the rest of the show was superficial and jumped all over the place. Broad City was good for 2 seasons, Girls and Sex And The City are done and buried. In an age of infinite movies, TV and opinions what do 5 more matter? And it was the second time this week I saw Lea Thompson sleep with a duck, which is two times too many.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    With a ratings bump like that, Nine will be wondering how high they will go if they sack Karl. Imagine all the producers they could hire then.

  3. It’s a shame people don’t tune-in to Ten like Seven and Nine. Jamie Oliver used to rate, as did NCIS. Both new episodes. The Project also down from yesterday’s good figure, despite the Lisa Wilkinson news. It is going to be very intriguing, the ratings for Today without Lisa over coming weeks, but can’t wait to see what Lisa does for Project come next year.

    • Paula Yates allegedly said if Michael didn’t marry her she’d kill herself and Tiger Lily. Then they back peddled faster than Lance Armstrong.

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