Bumped: Rosehaven, The Letdown

ABC comedies will screen earlier as of next week.

With Gruen wrapping its season last night, ABC is making a switcheroo to its Wednesday line-up from next week:

Wednesday Nov 22:
8:30pm Rosehaven
9:00pm The Letdown
9:30pm Adam Hills: The Last Leg
10:13pm Walliams & Friend rpt

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  1. It comes from US airline jargon (Up In The Air and all that). It carries negative connotation without a modifier. You get “bumped” to economy or a later flight but “upgraded” or “bumped up” to first class. “moved” is a plain English value neutral term for having changed position.

    1. I agree about the night change, although transmission times might be up for debate. The Ex-PM is hung out to dry on Thursdays; how the ABC couldn’t manage its schedule across the year to telecast The Ex-PM on its ‘Australian comedy’ night I’ll never know.

  2. that headline had me worried. “Bumped” made me think like Rosehaven had been demoted but it’s actually gone up a notch to 8.30pm. I guess “bumped” doesn’t have to be a negative, although a lot of the time it’s an indication that something’s not worked.

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