1. Well Im a good doctor viewer. I wonder if the numbers have surprised 7 as well.
    What I like about the Good Doctor is watching an episode can make you smile, laugh or cry. I like how as the season has gone on the writers have given Shaun a dry sense of humour and he will come out with these 1 liners.

    But I would like to see some back story of where his parents are. I know he and his brother ran away but his parents must be somewhere. But Freddie Highmore is excellent in the role.

    David that question you asked, the board was arguing because they were worried about how he would communicate with patients, staff and families and he could freeze up during surgery.

    I have watched a few eps of FFF. I enjoyed the lamington challenge the other night. I was a bit surprised when the I found out the prize is $100,000. Maybe people are just over cooking shows at the end of the year.

    • Thanks. I know that was the argument in the scene. I just found it a bit of a stretch. Those concerns would surely have been addressed before passing exams. He’s either passed / failed medical school so hire accordingly. Just a personal view.

  2. You’d think by now Sunrise (or Morning Show) would do a live interview with Freddie Highmore. They have no interview platforms in prime time, so morning TV is it these days. Speaking of Sunrise, this morning at the very same time Sunrise had a live in-studio segment with Rita Ora, Today show aired a pre-recorded interview by Richard Wilkins.

  3. So enjoyed the Go-Betweens doco, “Right Here”, on the ABC last night.
    An intimate and frank portrayal of the band dynamics and a fascinating snapshot of the Brisbane music scene in the late 70’s.

  4. Could be that female viewers are giving this the thumbs up? I forget to record last Thursday’s episode and my wife went ballistic. Luckily for me there was a repeat late on Sunday night.

    • You may be on to something, if only because it is not another crime/violence show. Tv is also overloaded with 30-something central characters (women) who spend their whole time navel-gazing to try to “find themselves”. If you eliminate these two types of shows, there is not much else to appeal to a lot of women.

  5. In my opinion the good doctor is nothing special but still worth a look. Will be interesting to see whether the ratings hold or start to decline. Still feel greys anatomy is the best medical drama currently screening. Hopefully channel 7 will air the new series soon.

    • Critics have been scratching their heads over TGD in the US too. As a medical drama it’s over top with 1st year residents pulling of things that are still highly experimental. And the writing isn’t consistent, in one ep Sean is highly autistic and unable to hold a simple conversation or answer a single question. In the previous episode he was joking with strangers, answering questions, he just won’t look anybody in the eye. But it’s a feel good drama that suits the times and is one of the few new dramas of recent years to have succeeded.

      • “he just won’t look anybody in the eye”.
        “A defining characteristic of autism spectrum disorder is a difficulty in making or maintaining eye contact, a behaviour that makes social interactions harder.” (sciencealert.com)

  6. barrington bumbaclaart

    The ABC would, and should be bitterly disappointed with the numbers for Keeping Australia Safe. It looked as if they put a lot of money into the production, so the return on investment is poor.

    • Keeping Australia Safe sounded like a good idea on paper, but the execution has been awful. Terrible name as well, it sounds like some Government scaremongering campaign,rather than something you might watch for entertainment on a Tuesday night

    • I’ve watched it a couple of times now. It’s not too bad but no where near as entertaining as what Grey’s Anatomy was in it’s first few seasons. Still, at least viewers are watching a quality drama in large numbers instead of some trashy reality show.

    • I had a few issues with first episode: a) where was airport first aid? b) has the guy passed his medical exams, if so why is the board arguing? Haven’t seen it since, but there is no denying those numbers.

      • Because the ability to work under stress, communicate, deal with patients and bedside manner will be important selection criteria for any doctor’s job advertised. The fact that he got his first patient so mad they threatened to sue until the Hospital president stepped in would be a good clue. It’s a fantasy not a realistic drama.

        • Don’t think that scene was in first ep. I’m sure dealing with patients is part of medical training, which he obviously passed. Disagree it is fantasy, I turn to Game of Thrones for that. Dramas need to be rooted in some kind of credibility. Numbers suggest audience is buying it, so good luck to it.

          • I love The Good Doctor! You guys are missing out! It’s a fantastic series! Gets better each episode! A true feel good show

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