Absent in 2017

Here are the shows we were promised that never showed up.

While some shows have been yanked off air and remain incomplete there are some that just didn’t see the light of day this year, despite networks telling us they would.

Thankfully most are merely bumped to 2018 while a handful go unanswered or will simply never see the light of day.

Here are the shows networks told us were coming in 2017, including one Nine has with Sophie Monk….

Blue Water Empire

Olivia Newton-John*

Underbelly: Chopper*
Accidental Heroes
The A List

Russell Coight’s All Aussie Adventures*
Todd Sampson’s Bodyhack*
Sleepy Hollow

Safe Harbour*
The Ghan*
Shane Delia’s Recipe for Life*
Food Safari Water*
Wik vs Queensland* (NITV)
Eurovision Asia

* now in 2018.

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  1. No asterix for Sleepy Hollow or what season was to be broadcast byTen, FTA viewers will wonder why the major networks bother to have have those extra digital channels (like Ten’s One) if surplus to commercial requirement shows don’t see the light of day until they are pretty much gone and forgotten, dedicated Sleepy Hollow fans will no doubt have seen the final season of the show by now anyway.

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