All-time top Timeshifted

Who says TV is dead?

The Good Doctor has broken records as the top Timeshifted show since OzTAM began recording data in 2009.

It outranks Revenge, INXS: Never Tear Us Apart, Homeland, Downton Abbey, Utopia & Molly.

Here is the Top 20 as at 5th December 2017.

Total IndividualsTime Shift to 7Time Shift 7 Ranking
Market5 City Metro
TV ItemDateDescription (grouped)Channel\Variable(r) AUD
121/11/2017THE GOOD DOCTORSeven334,216
323/11/2017THE GOOD DOCTORSeven328,777
416/02/2014INXS: NEVER TEAR US APART – PART 2Seven315,800
716/11/2017THE GOOD DOCTOR-THUSeven309,424
812/02/2012HOMELAND EP 2TEN308,573
907/05/2015DOWNTON ABBEYSeven308,162
1007/04/2013DOWNTON ABBEYSeven306,286
1407/02/2016MOLLY: PART 1Seven299,900
1518/04/2016DOWNTON ABBEYSeven298,673
1817/03/2014LOVE CHILDNine295,366
2014/11/2017THE GOOD DOCTORSeven294,416

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      • ha ha, this is my favourite line from channel 7…”After the tennis” which can mean September next year. In our house, whenever anything on television is delayed for any reason we just call it ..”After the tennis”.

  1. This is hardly an accolade. The Good Doctor is the number one recorded program which viewers fast-forward through the horrendously long ad breaks and enjoy without interruption. If I was an advertiser, I would be subtracting these figures from my TARPS, not adding to them.

    • The Networks are trying hard to avoid this scenario by using TBA’s in the EPG, starting late, over-running and offering their own timeshifting service that doesn’t allow ad-skipping.

  2. Who says TV (presumably this is broadcast related TV) is dead?

    Their own statistics appear to indicate that, if not actually dead, TV is certainly in the ICU and the doctor is casting an eye over the chart wondering if there is really any point in keeping the machine that goes ‘ping’ turned on any more.

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