Fired Studio 10 producer to sue TEN

High-profile lawyer to represent Rob McKnight in stoush with his former network.

Former Studio 10 executive producer Rob McKnight has wasted no time in launching legal action against Network TEN for breach of contract.

McKnight was fired on November 20 but without public detail on the circumstances. It followed recent time off which he later acknowledged was due to a near-breakdown.

Citing passion as attributing to his downfall he said, “Unfortunately, I am not TEN material. I have been informed my services are no longer required. I am not going to spin a BS line that I resigned, I’ve always been a pretty straight up guy.”

Media have since speculated about on-set tension, including involving Studio 10 cast members (and a thrown brussel sprout).

McKnight, who spent over 4 years on Studio 10 is now being represented by lawyer John Laxon, whose previous clients have included former 60 Minutes producer Stephen Rice, plus Mark Llewellyn, Talitha Cummins, Amy Taeuber, Christine Spiteri, Melissa Mallet and WIN TV exec Rodney Hockey.


McKnight told NewsCorp Australia: “I was a loyal and extremely hard worker for TEN over the past 4.5 years and I am genuinely surprised by how disingenuous and mean-spirited they are being, in their current rough-house dealings with me.”

Confirming the legal action, Laxon said: “I think Channel TEN’s position is untenable.”

A TEN spokesman said: “We do not comment publicly on the termination of any employee.”

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