Gallery: Carols by Candlelight backstage

Nine last night presented the 80th Carols by Candelight live from the Myer Music Bowl.

This year rather than a gallery of on stage performances, here’s what TV Tonight does best… takes you behind the scenes.

Merry xmas!

Photos: Les O’Rourke


  1. Humphrey was on the Brisbane Lord Mayors Carols on Channel 9. I didn’t actually see the show but it was advertised in the commercials for the event.

    • Was he?

      I didn’t watch all of it – Nine no longer cover the actual carols, the last couple of years preferring to have a bobblehead sweltering in the re-radiated heat of King George Square talking up network cross-promotions in front of the tree, with only the rare cross to a couple of carols at the other end of the city – but I didn’t see him.

      • Sorry Tex. I have just googled it and he actually appeared at the Surfers Paradise Carols by Candlelight on Dec 15th on the Gold Coast. I knew I had seen it advertised on TV sometime, just had my Carols a bit mixed up.

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