Airdate: Relative Success with Tabatha

Aussie expat Tabatha Coffey has a new reality series, Relative Success with Tabatha.

The star of Tabatha Takes Over helps struggling family businesses.

This airs on hayu, same day as the US from next week.

Tabatha Coffey knows a thing or two about turning struggling businesses into successes. This Australian hairstylist from Queensland is a salon owner and the star of ‘Tabatha Takes Over’, where she showcased her unique talent for inspecting, assessing and ultimately transforming, diverse types of small businesses.

Now Tabatha is lending her expertise once again, but this time, the businesses are all family affairs. In each episode, Tabatha lends an outsider’s perspective to help a struggling family business work through its financial and familial challenges.

With family fortune and futures hanging in the balance, Tabatha offers blunt advice to help repair relationships and whip the businesses back into shape.

Thursday January 18 on hayu.


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