Allison Langdon & Peter Stefanovic for Weekend Today

Allison Langdon and Peter Stefanovic have been confirmed as Weekend Today co-hosts, making Today a 7 day a week Stefanovic affair (and that’s despite Karl being voted Overexposed by site readers).

Stefanovic first joined in 2015 as news presenter before a host role in 2016 ahead of 60 Minutes.

Jayne Azzopardi will present news on Weekend Today. Not forgetting Stefanovic’s wife Sylvia Jeffreys also reads news on the weekday edition.

Langdon will combine co-hosting Weekend Today with her 60 Minutes role, while Peter Stefanovic will join the Nine News Sydney team.

Tom Steinfort departs Weekend Today for 60 Minutes, with Peter Stefanovic now contributing stories to 60 Minutes “where possible.”

“I’m really excited to be joining the Weekend Today team,” said Langdon. “Pete is a great mate and has been for many years. We both take our journalism very seriously but not ourselves. We have a lot of laughs together and I look forward to sharing that with our Today audience alongside Jayne, who is one of the best and hardest working journalists in the country.

“This opportunity is a wonderful fit with my 60 Minutes commitments and allows me to travel less and spend more time with my beautiful little boy Mack. I can’t wait for the year ahead.”

Peter Stefanovic said: “To be asked back to co-host Weekend Today is a privilege, and it definitely feels like I’m returning home. I’ve known Ally for more than ten years. She’s a great journalist, smart and funny, and I look forward to working alongside her and Jayne. She’s a perfect addition to the Weekend Today show squad!”

Nine Network Director of News, Darren Wick, said: “What a team to wake up with every weekend. The dynamics and professionalism of Ally, Pete and Jayne guarantees a relaxed and warm start to your weekend, and I couldn’t be happier. I want to thank Tom Steinfort for his wonderful work on Weekend Today and congratulate him on his new role at 60 Minutes.”

Langdon and Peter Stefanovic begin from Saturday January 20.


  1. Two top-class journos together on Weekend Today can only auger well for the program particularly with Pete’s international experience and his talents as a terrific wordsmith.

  2. Pete seems like a nice guy but last time he filled in he did a terrible job; really cringeworthy. Based on his performance this week I think Brenton Ragliss would be a much better choice.

  3. 9 must think that the viewing demographics of 60Min are the same as Weekend Today. Interesting to see if that’s the case?
    David, semi related question, but any insider knowledge about 9News Perth? When Tim and Emmy were dropped, the rumour was that someone high profile would be parachuted in (not that that ever works 🙄 ). I assumed not Karina Carvalho but maybe someone like Liam Bartlett to return to PCity?

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