James Brayshaw tipped for Seven’s AFL team

Plus Chris Judd, Dane Swan and Brendan Fevola joining The Footy Show.

Former Footy Show host James Brayshaw has been tipped to join Seven’s AFL commentary team.

AFL.com.au reports Brayshaw is most likely to join Seven’s Saturday Night Football lineup alongside Luke Darcy, Cameron Ling and Matthew Richardson.

Brayshaw joined Brian Taylor in the commentary box for the EJ Whitten Legends Game.

Basil Zempilas will still call footy for the network, but his other Seven commitments will likely mean his AFL calling roster is reduced.

Brayshaw is also expected to remain a key member Triple M’s team.

Meanwhile the Herald Sun reports Chris Judd, Dane Swan and Brendan Fevola are joining The Footy Show.

Eddie McGuire said of Fevola, “He’s a guy that might have blown a few chances, but he keeps getting up again and everyone wants him to succeed. I’m delighted he’s in such a great place now, and he can’t wait to get back to the show.”

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  1. Nooo… Man I cant stand Brayshaw and his pathetic fake laugh he always does… I dont like Basil, but I’d take him over Brayshaw any day. I guess I’ll have to start listening to the Footy with the mute button on…

    1. There are times when I’ve wanted to press the mute button so not to hear 7s afl commentary or 9s cricket commentary. Unfortunately for afl they haven’t introduced or invented something where I could press a button on the tv and choose whether to listen to 7s or the various radio commentary options cause say on a Friday night for instance there could be around 5+ radio options. As mentioned below its not possible now because radio is ahead of tv.

  2. That would be awesome if he joined. Beats who they have now. Sam Lane is the only decent one on Saturday Night Football and she isn’t used enough if you ask me. I really don’t like Basil’s style of commentary. So much bias. If only they got rid of BT too but we can’t have it all now can we.

  3. They have yet to announce the new footy classified host to replace Gary Lyon though the rumour mill has been suggesting its Chris Judd so if that ends up proving true then its no surprise he’s also got a gig on footy show.

    Not a fan of 7s afl commentary and Saturdays nights were the worst so I’m not surprised changes are being made. Have heard very little of James Brayshaws commentary as I tend to avoid afl on triple m because I don’t like the style. It can be a bit juvenile and blockey. Therefore I couldn’t tell you if his appointment is a good or bad thing. What I would like is to be able to synchronise the radio with the tv so I could choose my own but that’s not possible as radio is ahead of tv.

  4. Really think SevenWest would have to be offering Basil Zempilas an offer he can’t refuse if they really want him to move from Perth. He’s got a young family, Telethon ambassador duties, pretty well rating radio gig as well as general 7News stuff here. The AFL calling was extra.

    1. Must have missed that announcement. I presume Usher will be doing Sunrise one day a week as well. If that is true, I wonder why Basil is cutting back his AFL commitments. More family time perhaps?

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