The Handmaid’s Tale: teaser

We no longer live in the gaps between the stories…..

Hulu has released its first teaser for the second season of The Handmaid’s Tale.

Set to the song “For What It Is Worth” by Buffalo Springfield, it once again features striking imagery and themes.

This is due for release in the US on April 25 with a double episode premiere.

SBS has also indicated an April release for Australia.


  1. “SBS has also indicated an April release for Australia”

    To streaming or television is the big question?

    Don’t care what anyone says is the future and whatnot, SBS would be mad not to at least try and capitalise to get some ratings from this.

    • The press release with the the first trailer released in Jan said a Hulu were going to upload a double ep on April 25th then one per week after. On Demand had 270k viewings of #1 and 170k viewings of #10 in the first 28 days, then they got around 100k viewers in the overnights later on SBS. SBS said they’d learnt from the mistake with S1, not having enough server bandwidth for the first few days, and expected it to handle S2, so it will be on On Demand. They haven’t said if or when it will air on SBS.

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