BVOD big hitters: Handmaid’s Tale, Love Island.

Two shows are killing it in lifts beyond their metro overnight numbers right now.

When it comes to lifts between Overnight linear broadcasts and Total TV numbers there are two champions in town right now: The Handmaid’s Tale and Love Island Australia.

Both shows are killing it with lifts thanks to BVOD, as these recent episodes illustrate:

594% Love Island Oct 31 42,000 > 594,000
424% The Handmaid’s Tale Oct 6 71,000 > 424,000
419% The Handmaid’s Tale Oct 13 64,000 > 610,000
412% The Handmaid’s Tale Oct 20 69,000 > 527,000
412% The Handmaid’s Tale Sept 29 70,000 > 502,000

Total TV includes metro, regional, and BVOD (both as Live streaming and traditional catch-up in 7 days).

By comparison a regular primetime show may see a lift of 20% – 30% and some strong performers by 40%.

Some US procedurals can see lifts above 50%.

But nothing comes close to the numbers for The Handmaid’s Tale and the season premiere of Love Island Australia.

Next year new VOZ data is due to combine metro + BVOD numbers on a daily basis.

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  1. As an advertiser, good to know how many viewers Nine is providing a facility to watch, say Love Island, without seeing my commercials. Could explain the opposition to Overnights by some.

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