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9GO! has a new kid's science show, unravelling curious questions for children.

9GO! has a new kid’s science show, BrainBuzz, unravelling curious questions for children.

Hostd by Kellyn Morris and resident scientist Clare Van Dorssen, it is the brainchild of producer Geoff Cooper (Scope, Outback 8, Wild Antarctica, Totally Footy, Bindi’s Bootcamp, Totally Wild, Cheez TV and Toasted TV) & Stephen Waller (Totally Wild, Scope, Couch Time). It also features actor & associate producer Michael Balk (dirtgirlworld, Wurrawhy).

BrainBuzz is an awesome show to be involved with. I’ve learnt so much and I’m really looking forward to sharing all the fun and interesting facts with the kids of Australia,” said Morris.

“We’ve had a blast making this show. Being able to share and engage Australian kids in my science passion is terrific. I’m so thrilled to share our findings in the show with the kids of Australia,” Van Dorssen added.

The first week of BrainBuzz will see the team brainstorm various questions including ‘Why is metal so strong?’, ‘Why do we get dizzy when we spin around?’ and ‘What is a laser?’

Described as “science by stealth”, BrainBuzz is so engaging, funny, and entertaining that kids won’t even realise they are watching a science show.

Hosting children’s TV comes naturally to bubbly Kellyn Morris, 28, who has carved out a 10-year career as a co-host on several national kids programs. BrainBuzz is her first opportunity to take the reins of her own show.

Clare Van Dorssen is a brand new talent for the Nine Network, a recent graduate of the Shell Questacon Science Circus. Clare has travelled around Australia presenting school science shows and leading teacher development workshops. With a formal science background and experience in research and education, she brings a fresh, down-to-earth style which is perfectly suited to connect with the young audience.

At the heart of the program is the BrainBuzz Crew – kids from around Australia who join in on the experiments in Clare’s “Think Tank”, interview actors posing as history’s most famous scientists in mock live crosses, and discuss concepts and theories with Kellyn and Clare on how the world works.

Begins Monday, February 19, at 8.00am on 9GO!

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