Bumped: Celebrity Big Brother (US)

9GO! is moving on Celebrity Big Brother (US) after disappointing ratings numbers.

The show has been hovering around the 50,000 mark in a 9:30 timeslot.

From Sunday it moves to a new timezone of around 11:30pm or later with either movies or 21 Jump Street preceding it.

In the US, where the cast is more widely recognised, it has attracted decent press, notably around former White House staffer Omarosa.

The show only has a short run, due to wrap on February 25.


  1. Do you have individual ratings for the show? I cover them for the Big Brother Wiki, you can see them here: bigbrother.wikia.com/wiki/Celebrity_Big_Brother_1_(US)

  2. I was a BB Aus fan for the years it ran here. This is the first BB from overseas I have watched and find it nothing like the original format. The house mates do all the voice overs, and where is Big Brother?
    I gave it 3 eps, its horrid.

  3. I’m a big brother super fan for the UK version, but the Americans really know how to stuff up and a remake. The rules about not talking about nominations are out the window, so the whole hour is just everyone trying to strategise against each other. I’ve tried but given up.

    • In fairness to the producers of the American version, they tried the original format of Big Brother for their first season (public evicts someone every week and votes for a winner), but that didn’t work. Then they rebooted the show in this form where they vote each other off. That was successful and they ran with it.

      I prefer watching the strategy game of the US version and don’t care for the boring popularity contest format of our version of the show. This may be a big ask given the ratings, but if BBAus gets rebooted, I hope it is more like the American show.

      • The American format will never connect with the viewers here in Australia. There have been four episodes shown of CBB US on TV here and each one has been the same thing. Talking about who to nominate, who to evict + the HOH and Veto competitions. That got boring very quickly. I prefer when you see the interactions between different housemates and I like that the viewers have a greater say. BB US is basically Survivor in a house. That doesn’t interest me at all and it seems Australia agrees.

  4. Quick question: Is it doing well on 9Now? I am enjoying the show and I hope they continue to air CBBUS on 9Now (and maybe also air the Civilian show during the Winter).

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