Did Shannon Noll phone home from the jungle?

Last night when TEN’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here episode ended some viewers were confused by dialogue picked up by Shannon Noll’s microphone.

On social media some were suggesting it sounded like he was in the Tok Tokki booth phoning his wife.

“Hello Tok Tokki…Hi Darlin’ how are you?…I’m very good….(although) not so much now…. I just realised it’s the 12 today…” he could be heard saying.

However TV Tonight understands there is no mobile reception at the jungle site.

A Network TEN spokesperson said: “Shannon was heard in the Tok Tokki speaking to one of the producers, and his mic was left on accidentally. In mentioning the date being the 12 February, Shannon had realised that Valentine’s Day is coming up this week, and he was asking producers if he could send his wife a video message.”

In 2016 TEN confirmed celebrities were smoking in the jungle, with Shane Warne and Freddie Flintoff said to be amongst those unable to quit.


  1. Given his country background, it’s highly likely he calls any female darlin’. Add to that the fact that he may know some of the crew given his reality background.

  2. Shannon comes across to me as a guy who uses the word “darlin”, I think its what he calls Julia regularly. I don’t buy the no reception stuff but do buy the him talking to producers bit.

    • Agree . He is soo Aussie .. he would so call a female producer darling and a male producer mate or similar.. He was just sitting in the camp before the host walked off .. A little to fast to walk into the hut n be connected to his wife instantly . ..

  3. jezza the first original one

    There may well be no mobile service in the jungle, however there will be a range of communication devices for emergencies and also for transmitting a live broadcast….mmmm

    • No mobile coverage but they would have Satellite Phones though. And as you say, there would certainly be some kind of communication for emergencies at the very least.

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