How did Seven numbers stack up?

At their AllFronts event in October Seven Chief Revenue Officer, Kurt Burnette made some bold predictions in which he outlined audience numbers to advertisers.

In an industry where it is risky to predict numbers, some sounded very high: 5.1m for the Australian Open Men’s Final anyone…? In Overnight terms the broadcast pulled 1.73m in metro viewers, or 2.3m including regional.

However, Seven’s predictions covered total audience numbers, comprising both linear and digital audiences.

This week Seven indicated the numbers were actually based on Reach, which means viewing 5 minutes or more and, according to Seven, includes the encore of My Kitchen Rules.

The Winter Olympics prediction was based on peak minute for Day 1 and the Melbourne Cup prediction was based on ‘Effort to View’.

Here’s how they stacked up:

Prediction / “Seven response”
9.5m Melbourne Cup / “Reached 9.57m”
5.1m Australian Open Men’s final / “Reached 5.24m”
4m Commonwealth Games Day 1 / “N.A.”
2.8m Australian Open Women’s final / “Reached 3.09m”
2.8m My Kitchen Rules season premiere / “Reached 3.65m”
2.4m Rugby League World Cup final / “Reached 2.71m”
1.1m Winter Olympics Day 1 / “Peak minute of 1.8m”
42 share in February / “N.A.”

Thus, according to the numbers, around 1 in 4 Aussies spent 5 minutes watching the Australian Open Men’s Final, even without an Aussie in it….

Source: Nielsen Consumer and Media View. 2017 S01 National Survey. Any Effort to view Melbourne Cup for P 14+. Added 5% to account for P0-13 viewing (based on TV Metro profile of Melb Cup viewers aged 0-13 years, OzTAM).

Source: Combined (Metro + Regional) peak minute audience. Occurred during Opening Ceremony. Overnight data.


  1. That soundslike whata Sevensalesman wouldsay. Yeah well the tennis was predictable and boring. The streamed services only had national advertising. What about Sevens long suffering regional advertisers?

  2. We count anybody with a pulse within a linear 100km radius of a tv or device on the 3rd wednesday of the month between 14:30 and 23:59 whilst they are reaching for a remote.

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