Australian Open up for Nine

Nine wins every night of the week. 10's summer entertainment plummets after its debut.

The Australian Open is up for Nine compared to the first week of tennis last year.

Nine led every night of the week with a share nearly 9 points ahead of its rival, Seven. The Australian Open drew up to 664,000 metro viewers on Tuesday.

Seven News topped the week at 837,000 metro viewers for its Sunday edition. New Nine News duo Alicia Loxley and Tom Steinfort managed a win in their first week in Melbourne at 252,000 metro viewers to Seven’s 218,000.

Muster Dogs was the top entertainment drawcard at 534,000.

10 had a tough week with ABC outranking it every night of the week.

After Gladiators launched to 395,000 metro viewers -higher than several of their recent reality shows- viewers failed to return. By Friday it had slipped to 110,000.

Nine: 36.5
Seven: 27.6
ABC: 15.4
10: 12.3
SBS: 8.2

Primary channel:
Nine: 26.4
Seven: 17.2
ABC: 11.1
10: 7.2
SBS: 3.7

9GEM: 4.4
7TWO: 3.7
7mate: 3.4
9GO!: 2.5
ABC Kids TV Plus: 2.4
10 BOLD: 2.3
10 Peach: 2.2
7flix / 9Life: 1.8
ABC News: 1.7
7Bravo / 9RUSH: 1.5
SBS VICELAND / SBS World Movies: 1.4
SBS Food: 1.2
Nickelodeon: 0.6
NITV: 0.4
ABC ME: 0.3
SBS World Watch: 0.0

Nine won the demos 16-39 and 18-54.

Nine claimed victory in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, but Seven still ruled in Adelaide and Perth.

Including this week there are three more weeks of summer ratings, however more key titles will commence from Monday January 29.

Infograph supplied by Nine:

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    1. Seven got lazy because they had a good relationship with TA, who let them have the tennis for very little for years because the event raked in $300m in foreign rights, which was encouraged by Miller. Seven didn’t let it go they were out maneuvered by Nine who put in a fake bid for cricket, screwed over their partner Ten costing them the BBL, because they had already put in a bid for more than twice what was Seven was paying to TA. But yes Seven is very unhappy and in debt. The Tests haven’t been interesting but the shorter BBL season has resulted in bigger crowds and a bit of buzz, and the finals should do well.

      1. Big Bash has still been doing pretty poor, audiences down on last year when they improved a little and so many abaodnoments or delays due to rain, one was due to bad pitch and some bad performances continued from some bigger teams/larger cities’ teams.

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