In case you missed it, these shows were torpedoed by networks.

Some of these axings were buried in the copy so here they are again.

This week TV programmers confirmed a number of shows would not be returning to our screens, as part of TV Tonight‘s annual Programmer’s Wrap.

Call it axed / not renewed / not returning, or anything you like, here are those shows once again.

House Husbands, Nine

Love Child, Nine

Here Come the Habibs, Nine

Newton’s Law, ABC

The Wall, Seven

We also know the following are amongst those not returning: Murder Uncovered, The Secret Daughter, Behave Yourself, The Embassy, Hyde & Seek, Murder Calls, Cannonball, Common Sense, The Book Club & Lateline.

Still to be determined: Offspring, The Wrong Girl, Sisters, Cram, Glitch, Janet King, Pulse, Cleverman, Utopia, Rosehaven, The Letdown, Ronny Chieng: International Student.

Some announcements are still pending.

13 Responses

  1. Surprised The Wall got the chop.
    I thought it was doing ok in terms of ratings.
    Perhaps Seven saw potential costs heading into the millions and were disappointed less than 1 million viewers were watching each episode.

  2. Happy to see the back of Newton’s Law. Had high hopes for Pulse but unfortunately I think it can go, too. Would love renewals for Rosehaven and Sisters.

  3. Bugger. I didn’t know newtons law wasn’t coming back. Thought it could have a second season. I’m still mad about the time of our lives. Hoping for more Janet King, sisters and the wrong girl, quite liked cram in the end. And of course offspring.

  4. Sorry to see Love Child axed. It still had some life left in it. Rosehaven deserves another season, as for the rest, time for commercial networks to come up with some fresh dramas. That doesn’t mean another incarnation of Underbelly or a biopic of an Australian celeb from the 70s/80s

  5. Will miss House Husbands.

    Also liked The Wall despite its problems. I knew it lost a lot of viewers between its premiere and final episode, but Seven usually won the nights it was on and it did fine in the demos. Maybe Seven is worried someone would win big?

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