Passionate Q&A speech a highlight on Monday

Ratings: Married at First Sight beats MKR but the show-stopping speech of the night goes to Q&A.

Another day, another Reality TV face-off as Married at First Sight tops My Kitchen Rules by a cool 180,000 viewers.

MAFS won with 1.3 over MKR‘s 1.12m and again topped the demos. That left I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here in fourth place on 534,000 as the Oldfields entered the jungle.

The Winter Olympics averaged 755,000 viewers, down from 922,000 last Monday but enough to defeat Travel Guides, Four Corners and Law & Order: SVU.

Speech of the night went to actor Shareena Clanton making an impassioned “close the gap” plea on Q&A for the Indigenous inclusiveness in decision-making. The show drew 397,000 viewers, exactly the same as last week.

A Current Affair drew is best figure so far this year at 989,000 viewers, well ahead of Home & Away and The Project while Seven News won the 6pm battle.

Seven network won Monday with 34.6% then Nine (28.4%), ABC (15.8%), TEN (15.2%) and SBS (6.0%).

My Kitchen Rules led for Seven with 1.21m then Seven News (1.02m / 1.01m), Winter Olympics (755,000 / 361,000), Home and Away (704,000) and The Chase (550,000 / 368,000).

Married at First Sight (1.3m) was #1 for Nine then A Current Affair (989,000), Nine News (958,000 / 946,000), Travel Guides (627,000) and Hot Seat (513,000 / 303,000). Better Late Than Never was 218,000.

ABC News (700,000) led for ABC then 7:30 (647,000), Australian Story (583,000), Media Watch (523,000), Four Corners (500,000), Q&A (397,000) and Think Tank (164,000).

The Project (561,000 / 347,000) was best for TEN followed by I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (534,000), TEN Eyewitness News (457,000), Family Feud (317,000), Law & Order: SVU (281,000 / 183,000).

On SBS it was Michael Mosley: Trust Me, I’m a Doctor (229,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (194,000), River Cottage Australia (160,000) and SBS World News (130,000).

Winter Olympics topped multichannels at 208,000.

Today: 277,000
Sunrise: 267,000
News Breakfast: 95,000 / 53,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 19 February 2018

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  1. Agree they need to do something different in Celeb, in its 4th season everything looks the same as it did for the other 3 & its getting boring. I don’t know that the selection of celebs is the problem, previous years had an equally bland mix of celebs but people still watched. Although it probably would’ve been alot better had Mundine stayed,i could imagine there would be some interesting clashes with the Oldfield’s.
    It’s the same camp, same uniforms, same set, similar challenges, its like being in a time warp from 2015. They need to stop being lazy & put some effort into mixing things up & making more imaginative challenges etc. And please, stop the cringeworthy attempts at humour by the hosts speaking out lyrics, its just not funny. I like Julia too but even i’m finding her grating now.

  2. Problem with celebrity this year is its like one big happy family, very bland. They’ve all figured out the challenges aren’t going to put them at risk so there’s very little drama.

  3. Agree with melbourneamy – some great casting with Pete, Bernard, Danny, Fiona, and Josh as eye-candy, the others really missed the mark. Unfortunate Bernard left early, but that’s uncontrollable.
    They need to get more iconic Aussies in the jungle. The Oldfields going in, as well as the British duo have lowered its appeal (I’ve been watching the Olympics/Netflix instead)

    1. Yes, they have really scraped the bottom of the barrel with the Oldfields. Guess they had to have a couple of Z grade “celebs” on standby, willing to go in at short notice, after Mundine and Tomic unexpectedly pulled the pin.
      I’m actually liking both of the British duo. Paul is lovely and humble – not at all what I expected.
      And Vicky is very personable and likeable.
      Really hope Pete wins – he’s such a great guy- likeable, funny and really perceptive. His (and Fiona’s), character assessment of all the contestants is spot on. And what a legend he was at last night’s challenge!

          1. Interesting – the Ron and Brenda personas work in small snippets in the Celeb environment but wonder how it would go as a stand alone comedy?
            Maybe 5 min segments on iview might work…

          2. Clearly it would need expansion, scripting and a full cast. I think the recent survey on favourite TV families showed what a goldmine they can be if you have a core connection. Sullivans, Rafters, Proudmans, Day-Knights. Unconditional love overcomes all obstacles.

    2. Whilst i enjoy Fiona and Pete, and Amy is such a lovely genuine person, i’m giving up on the show this year. I think my time can be better spent enjoying some of the other excellent TV that is out there.

        1. Plenty of excellent TV on streaming or Foxtel. My netflix list seems to grow larger even as I finish watching a bunch of shows, I find more to add to the list.

  4. A passionate emotional rant from an actor and activist, in which she shouted over everyone, supplied no facts or details, claimed that no neglected aboriginal child should ever be removed from the situation, and that a vague notion of inclusiveness will magically solve everything. This got rapturous applause from the audience, and of course none of it can be questioned. The solution will be evidenced based policies that are proven to work. Neither side wants that at the moment.

      1. Then that just shows how stupid the audience is, they applaud motherhood statements but ignore facts and figures (therefore, ignore the evidence). I live and work in regional and remote Queensland I work with aboriginal people as fellow employees and as clients and I can tell you now they don’t need motherhood statements they need jobs jobs jobs to get them out of poverty.

      2. I am not entirely sure that Ms Clanton’s appearance on Qanda went down that well with the audience either, judging by the halfhearted response she got

    1. Agree, a rant that went overboard. If anyone else carried on for so long on Q&A they would of got pulled up. Spoke over everyone but was allowed to go on and on and on without interruption.

  5. I think this might be the last series of I’m a celebrity but then again I thought that with survivor and that’s coming back if they did get rid of it I would like to see Big brother come back like it was on ten not like it was on nine or even worse like the US version

    1. It seems that the Celebrities that are entering now aren’t that relevant to aussie viewers. never watched the show, but then watching anyone get tortured by their fears is gripping TV to me. Perhaps more famous celebrities don’t like the idea either. Kudos to ten for trying and persevering.

      1. The UK is bigger with more celebrities desperate for attention. A hot jungle full of venomous creatures is also more novel and appealing in a British Winter, and its become an institution. Here it’s up against hits, Married At First Sight, MKR (which splits the target audience 3 ways), on the 3rd ranked network, with a weaker lead in.

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