Airdate: The Crystal Maze

Richard Ayoade hosts a revival of a UK adventure game show.

Richard Ayoade hosts UK adventure game show The Crystal Maze, a revival of a series which originally aired between 1990 and 1995.

The 15 part 2017 series with Ayoade followed an earlier special which was hosted by Stephen Merchant.

Hosted by famed British comic Richard Ayoade, a team of five contestants, led by an eccentric Maze Master, journey through four fantastical time zones in this epic adventure game show. Set within an astonishing 32,000 square feet maze, each of the four time zones – Medieval, Aztec, Industrial and Futuristic – is a unique and visually stunning world that challenges the team in different ways.

In each zone a team of excitable characters will choose who will tackle a variety of Physical, Mystery, Mental and Skill games in a bid to win elusive crystals worth five seconds in the iconic show finale – the legendary Crystal Dome. The Team use their time to collect gold tickets in a bid to secure a grand prize.

Wednesday, 7 March at 8.30pm on SBS VICELAND.

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  1. This delights me greatly! Richard Ayoade is a perfect choice for a revival. And @Glass, the original host was Rocky creator Richard O’Brien, later replaced by Edward Tudor-Pole, one time singer of punk band Tenpole Tudor.

  2. @Brekkie, no I don’t *think* it aired here. The guy that played Riff Raff in ‘Rocky Horror’ was the first host. Second host I can picture but don’t remember his name.

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