Bumped: This Is Us

TEN has made programming amendments to Wednesday next week following disappointing figures this week.

Bondi Rescue will now screen as a double episode at 7:30pm on Wednesday March 21 (in addition to Tuesday 20).

Graham Norton Show “I, Tonya” episode will air at 8:30pm with Margot Robbie.

This Is Us will now screen in a 9:30pm timeslot as a single episode.

Madam Secretary is currently out of schedule.


  1. Networks used to show sitcoms or dramedies at 7:30pm, dramas at 8:30pm & 9:30pm and late night dramas at 10:30pm most nights. Technology has changed what viewers want to watch and when. Even the ABC is burning of the rest of Howards End tonight and has 3 eps of Grand Designs listed for next Sunday. It seems Sunday night isn’t much better than Thursday night for dramas.

  2. Its a very sad reflection on what the Australian viewer wants to watch – crap. Homeland, The Good Life and to a lesser degree Madam Secretary, all quality programs largely ignored by the Australian public. The best programs, without doubt, are on the ABC and SBS, particularly the latter. But the numpties would rather watch MKR and a pile of look-alike dating shows than something even a little uplifting. I’m no intellectual, but all the commercial channels show little of interest to me.

  3. harrypotter1994

    I wonder if this means This is Us is a 9.30 show indefinitely now? Not happy about the removal of Madam Secretary as we were on par with the US and episodes would have been played same week as the US.

    • Think Ten are learning (albeit slowly) that all of the US programming is 9.30 and later on the main channel.
      Their problem is that they haven’t quite got enough pre-9.30 content yet.

      • Whereas here, for most people, 9.30 is too late to start a show, especially one that requires any sort of concentration. We look for family-friendly show at 7.30, then a more adult show at 8.30 and definitely not starting any later than 8.45.

        Too true about the problem with the earlier timeslots.

        • I’d argue most of the audience is no longer watching it ‘live’ anyway. They’re definitely not at 9.30pm!
          I’m much the same as you with the family friendly viewing around that time, our difference is we are watching everything on delay due to recording it.

    • I said almost the exact same thing at the end of last year when TEN stopped showing Madam Secretary before the mid-season finale.

      Didn’t work then either 🙁

  4. carolemorrissey

    Disappointing to see Madam Secretary has disappeared for no reason. I’m in hospital next week so hope there’s no more last minute changes as I won’t be home to change it.

  5. So now TEN are burning off Bondi Rescue because they need to fill programming holes. This will leave them with more holes in coming weeks because they would have aired all of BR. Also what comes to Fridays now, will they rerun the Wednesday episodes of Graham Norton, which will attract fewer viewers because they saw it on Wednesday or usually watch the rerun on Eleven?

    How about TEN make use of Lisa Wilkinson and make some prime time News\Project specials covering current events in more detail, such as the gun law issue in the US, or how cities are recovering from recent natural disasters?

  6. The Last Post

    Why the Wed screening of Norton anyway?
    We’re used to seeing (recording – watch later) where it’s been screning for years – Friday night 8.30.
    Seems superfluous scheduling to us. It’s just one of the many shows we record on Ten and watch later.

  7. This is so sad on so many levels. So many 10 dramas have such disappointing numbers. I don’t watch Homeland or Madam Secretary for example but they too have poor numbers. 10 just cannot get it right. I am worried season 3 won’t get aired in Australia next year…

    • Homeland is now on SBS. Tonight I believe. I’ve tried to keep up with Blacklist on 7. Hard. The Good Lie is the best, on SBS too. My poor PVR gets a workout recording the good dramas shafted into late late slots. Then again, takes only 40 mins for an hour program. Press 32x on the first promo, press ‘play’ on the last promo.

  8. seantheaussie

    Sigh! So the only one I like (it is really good if you have never watched it) is bumped indefinitely.

    I think that means I can delete TEN’s main channel from my DVR now.

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