Jason Dundas missed out on being The Bachelor

Ab-mazing Getaway presenter Jason Dundas has revealed he was nearly cast as the next Bachelor in TEN’s upcoming season, but lost the gig to Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins.

“I’ve been on TV for 15 years in Australia,” he told Page Six TV in the US. “It is hard to find someone who doesn’t look at you as that guy on TV. So they said to me, look, this is an environment where there’s a bunch of amazing girls we’ve handpicked for you and they have no influence from the outside world.

“They can’t Google, use social media, ask their friends. So they said it’s a great controlled environment to find true love.”

Cummins is more ‘raw’ as talent and presumably more likely to bring some spontaneity / humour to the show. Last week on Gogglebox, female viewers were non-plussed about news he would star in the next series.

“I actually would have done it,” he said. “But I was beat out by some rugby player.”

Back to the travel schlepping it is, eh…?

Filming for the new series is currently underway.

Source: Fairfax


  1. breexbreakdown

    Ugh. No thankyou! No more “celebrities” please! Sophie Monk’s season was a fun novelty but having “celebrities” at the helm is just taking the piss.

    • Getaway still running years later. In his defence X Factor had fatigue by the time he arrived and Big Adventure had format issues. But I can see that Honey Badger is more of a wild card which worked well with Sophie Monk.

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