Returning: The Americans

The sixth and final season of The Americans with Keri Russell & Matthew Rhys returns to Showcase in a month’s time.

However, this debuts in the US next week, 3 weeks ahead of Australia.

A period drama about the complex marriage of two KGB spies posing as Americans in suburban Washington D.C. during the Reagan administration. The arranged marriage of Philip and Elizabeth Jennings grows more passionate and genuine by the day, but as the pressures and demands of the job grow heavier, the personal toll becomes almost too exhausting to bear. Having revealed their true identities to their teenage daughter Paige, Philip and Elizabeth’s ability to protect their cover and their family’s safety deteriorates.

After a particularly fraught mission, Philip and Elizabeth decide to end their tour and take their family home to Russia. However, a game-changing development in one of their ongoing cases forces them to abandon those plans for the sake of the motherland. 

Wednesdays from April 18 at 8.30pm on Showcase.


  1. Apologies to all dedicated fans, but I am becoming distracted by the longevity of this show, The Americans is testing credibility to the limit as these two undercover operatives have been compromised for some time and operationally active past their use by date. Stretching the show to six seasons is too generous in my opinion The Americans would have been better served limited to just 3 seasons then a story conclusion could have been written that is closer to reality when catching spies, as it is any possible twists this story could have had in the finale has been diluted by the passage of time.

    • You’re possibly correct… But considering the series hasn’t reduced in quality too significantly… & the conclusion is still to come, then I’m happy to let it play out.

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