What are people Timeshifting in 2018?

Scripted Drama still tops Timeshifted viewing, with a few docos & reality thrown in for good measure.

Scripted Drama is still ranking as the biggest drawcard for Timeshifting in 2018.

Seven’s The Good Doctor is the most Timeshifted title so far this year at 369,000 extra viewers in the 28 days following its season return on January 30th. That boosted it from 1.01m Overnight to a Consolidated audience of 1.38m viewers.

It was well ahead of the next best performer, ABC’s Squinters, which drew an extra 239,000 viewers in 28 Day viewing, followed by Underbelly: Chopper (210,000) and Gogglebox (193,000).

Reality shows My Kitchen Rules and Married at First Sight are still prominent in the list, albeit eclipsed by scripted titles. Most people tend to watch these “Live” to participate in the conversation.

The numbers are a reminder that more of us are indulging in Timeshifted viewing and that Overnight numbers are always preliminary.

In the top 200 titles there are no sport or news titles, again all Live drawcards, but there are more niche titles including The Ghan, Berlin Station, Blue Bloods, Hard Sun, Wisdom of the Crowd and Endeavour: The Young Morse.

Here are the top ranking brands for the 5 Free to Air networks, based on 28 day Timeshifting in 2018.

The Good Doctor 369,000
My Kitchen Rules 188,000
Criminal Minds 166,000
Home and Away 93,000
Grey’s Anatomy 86,000

Underbelly Files: Chopper 210,000
Married at First Sight 162,000
David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II 141,000
Travel Guides 106,000
Chopper: In His Own Words 56,000

Gogglebox 193,000
SEAL Team 173,000
Madam Secretary 159,000
Bull 146,000
NCIS 125,000

Squinters 239,000
Shetland 177,000
Death in Paradise 137,000
Call the Midwife 124,000
Delicious 115,000

Vikings 169,000
Knightfall 123,000
Chance 102,000
Homeland 97,000
Movie: Hunt for the Wilderpeople 96,000

TV Tonight posts Timeshifted figures in the Ratings section.

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  1. Commercials are the main reason I record things. On a whole we get much more adds than in previous decades, when shows never used to run over time, and they started on time. Also when you record things, you have the show there if you need or want to watch again.

  2. We avoid live TV where ever we can other than leaving on I’m a Celeb (when it was on) or Bondi Rescue and the like for the kids before sitting down to watch recorded TV later… News we play back form 6.30, when done with news, leave on the Project. Last night binged 3 This Is Us’s (geez how Ten exaggerated the car accident in the ads! Was a small parking lot bingle!) and onto catching up with recorded Good Doctor’s…

  3. With 2 part shows like UnderBelly Chopper, Hoges & others I like to tape them & watch them both together on the weekend. I usually tape shows after 10.30 & shows that are on at the same time as another show I watch. Reality shows I like to watch live.

      1. They are talking about using the network’s catch-up sites where you can’t skip ads. They are doing much more business this year. Currently MAFS #16 is topping the 28 day VPM list with 300,000 viewings. Infact MAFS has 17/20 spots.

          1. I’m too lazy to tape most things (Law & Order SVU, Madam Secretary and Gogglebox are the exceptions). If it’s on ABC/SBS I stream it. The other catch up services are a total disgrace. Imagine if any other country in the world streamed on a platform not compatible to LG TVs and you’ve got some idea how totally lame 7, 9 and 10’s catchup serves are.

  4. I am interested in the why of timeshifting. I know there are arguments about skipping ads etc, but I wonder about whether scheduling affects time-shifting? If these dramas were showing at (what I consider to be) prime viewing time ie 7.30 or so, would there be higher overnights and lower time-shift?

    1. I generally have always timeshifted even back to VCR days! I like to watch things at a time of my choosing. Ads only play a small part in the decision. Now I have kids shows like Greys I watch at lunch time in the days I don’t work. Last night my husband and I watched Howard’s End once the kids were in bed and we’d cleaned up the kitchen 🙂 there is very little I watch live tbh. I’m sure many are in the same boat. We always watched Masterchef live (or half an hour later cos of the kids) and sometimes record but rarely watch it later because it’s on again the next night so can’t be bothered.

    2. Ten tried Bull at 7:30pm and it rated half what it did at 9:30pm. Most of the audience watching at the time is watching News or game shows. Anything up against MAFS, MKR etc. is not going to get a large audience, and will be timeshifted by those who want to watch one of those. One of the reasons timeshift is to have something to watch after dinner, because I don’t watch MAFS, and on Fri. & Sat nights when there not much on.

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