Bachelor strong, while SBS struggles on Wednesday

Without swimming the Commonwealth Games took a dip of another kind last night but still delivered a stellar network share -its 8th night above 40%.

Primetime action drew (1.2m / 1.16m). 7TWO coverage topped multichannels with 190,000 and up to 4.9%.

That left Bachelor in Paradise as the top entertainment drawcard of the night, including topping 2 demos. It’s worth noting that the show is arguably performing better for TEN than I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here -against tougher competition (although it is the only Reality offering).

Also worth noting is the low performance of SBS last night with no show over 150,000 viewers.

Seven News (1.04m / 747,000) helped Seven network win Wednesday with 41.2% then Nine 24.1%, TEN 16.3%, ABC 13.6% and SBS 4.9%.

Nine News (909,000 / 899,000) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (730,000), Hot Seat (517,000 / 299,000), RBT (457,000) and movie: Spectre (389,000).

Bachelor in Paradise (736,000) led for TEN followed by The Project (459,000 / 304,000), TEN Eyewitness News (438,000) and The Graham Norton Show (414,000). This is Us drew 154,000.

ABC News (613,000), Hard Quiz (570,000), Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell (544,000), 7:30 (440,000), Sando (254,000), Think Tank (207,000) and Insert Name Here (157,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was SBS World News (141,000), Martin Luther King: His Legacy (95,000) and The Good Fight (79,000).

Sunrise: 308,000
Today: 238,000
News Breakfast: 109,000 / 67,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 11 April 2018


  1. Utter disaster for SBS-take out the less than stellar news and there was nothing over 95,000-drifting to NITV levels of non viewership! This is the sort of thing that leads the Govt to believe they could get rid of it entirely.

  2. Wednesday night is a battle for me between ABC (Hard Quiz and Mad As Hell) and SBS Viceland (Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Crystal Maze).

    It’s basically the only night I feel like I have more then one option.

  3. SBS World News is clearly the best news service in the country. It’s disturbing that it doesn’t even reach 150,000 homes. It provides a good view of what’s actually happening in the world, unlike the other services that purely focus on Australia or things that may affect Australians. I just wish SBS wouldn’t rush through the international weather. Surely in 2018 they could display the temperatures for cities at the same time as the pressure systems? Some times the temperatures are flashed up for a second before moving on. Sadly, this quality news service may soon succumb to dumbing down like the others. I hope not.

    • Don’t see why anyone would be particularly interested in detailed TV weather for Ulan Bator for example-SBS news is but a pale imitation of what it used to be before it became chock full of ads and ‘coming up later’ nonsense, and if you want news, watch ABC.

  4. Bachelor deserves all the praise it get, and yes it’s even produced better then I’m a celebrity. My prediction next week , numbers will remain around same .. 600 000 – 700 000.
    The voice will debut with 1.07 million.
    Remember this lol

  5. jezza the first original one

    BachiP delivered once again last night, full of contradictory characters. Nina was rumbled for stringing Eden along, but I don’t think he has much time left at the hotel. Apollo take off and landing on Sunday will mess things up for Jarrod (aussie one) and Eden. Well that will lead to more twists in the Keira n J soapie. Michael n Lisa where now? so much drama

      • The Good Fight is brilliant. Best first run drama on TV. Alicia was always the least interesting thing about the Good Wife. Dianne was always what attracted me to the show. Luka was a brilliant addition to the last season. The new characters in the Good Fight give it far more depth and intrigue that the original show for me.

  6. Hard to believe Ten’s relatively low primary shares, with Bachelor In Paradise’s good performance this week. Shows how poor everything before and after are doing.

    And I think you answered your own question RE: Bachelor In Paradise. While the ratings are very good for Ten and especially demos, Nine don’t have any major reality (nor do Seven for those who don’t really like sport or Olympics/Comm Games). Basically the ‘main alternative’ this week.

  7. I watch almost all of my SBS through On Demand, including the Good Fight. They’ve done such a good job with it. It’s the most solid of all the catch-up services. They just need to bring it back to the PS4!

  8. Pretty brutal numbers there for Sando. Wow, Sando gets hypnotized and acts differently. The writers must have been up all night thinking up that one. I’m just waiting for the episode where someone’s mother-in-law turns up, with hilarious consequences. Then there will be an episode where Sando attends her high school reunion, with hilarious consequences. And don’t forget the one where someone lies on their internet dating profile, with hilarious consequences. The entire plot for Sando seems to have been taken from the Big Book of Sitcom Cliches. C’mon Aunty, is this really the best you can do?

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