Bill Cosby found guilty

TV dad could spend up to 30 years in prison after being found guilty of sexual assault.

A jury of seven men, five women have reached a unanimous Guilty verdict convicting Bill Cosby over the drugging and molesting of a woman in 2004.

The disgraced TV dad could face up to 10 years in prison on each of three counts.

Cosby, 80, claimed the encounter with Temple University employee Andrea Constand at his suburban Philadelphia home was consensual.

There were shrieks in the courtroom when the verdict was announced. Cosby stared straight ahead as the verdict was read, but moments later lashed out loudly at district attorney Kevin Steele and called him an “asshole” after the prosecutor asked Cosby be immediately jailed because he “has a plane” and was a flight risk.

The judge decided Cosby can remain free on bail while he awaits sentencing but said he cannot leave the state.

His defence declared the “fight is not over” and said an appeal would be filed.

The verdict came after a two-week retrial in which prosecutors put five other women on the stand who testified that Cosby, married for 54 years, drugged and violated them, too.

Ms Constand, 45, a former Temple women’s basketball administrator, told jurors that Cosby knocked her out with three blue pills he called “your friends” and then penetrated her with his fingers as she lay immobilised, unable to resist or say no.

It was the only criminal case to arise from a barrage of allegations from more than 60 women who said the former TV star drugged and molested them over a span of five decades.

Cosby‘s retrial took place against the backdrop of #MeToo, the movement against sexual misconduct that has taken down powerful men in rapid succession, among them Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Kevin Spacey and Senator Al Franken.

Source: ABC, AP

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  1. Apart from the actual victims, i feel bad for fans of Cosby too (never watched him myself, apart from Fat Albert occasionally when i was a kid). It’s never nice to see you’re heroes fall from grace or someone you believed to be a good person found to be otherwise. This would be for me like if Michael J Fox was found guilty of such crimes, devastating.

  2. So more than 60 women to start off with and then being charge with 3 counts. Sorry I don’t understand the results and it was more than 60 women so one would think it would have been more than just 3?

  3. My point is that this guy used to make out he knew women. When you say TV dad, we are talking ‘The undisputed most loved dad’ and comedian in the world for quite a while’ ( even a rung above Seinfeld – and that’s hard) ….Boy, talk about falling the whole length of the ladder.

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