Gallery: Wentworth set visit

Last week I attended a Foxtel media event at Wentworth Detention Centre in Melbourne’s west which included a set tour.

Actress Jacqui Brennan, who plays warden Linda Miles, kindly escorted our group around key sets including the laundry (spot her behind the laundry press), cells, shower block, reception and exercise yard.

FremantleMedia also has production offices for the show on set, as they did at the original location in Clayton. Wentworth cleverly switched locations following a fire at the end of Season 3, transporting fake walls and doors to its “new wing” in the west. Even diehard fans bought the on-screen transition without complaint.

Prison cells, several of which include inmate decorations befitting of their characters, come with removable walls to enable shooting.

Let’s just say the former education building turned prison is much larger and accommodating than the Nunawading studio I once visited for Channel 0-10’s Prisoner.

Wentworth, now filming Series 7, returns to Showcase on Tuesday June 19 (S1 airs Thursdays on ABC).

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  1. Just asking what’s left of Wentworth tv show in Clayton Victoria Australia and are they living Wentworth Newport in Melbourne as a museum so people can come up and go on tour dates of Wentworth Prison

  2. So jealous – I would absolutely love to see the set for real. Absolutely can’t wait for the new season where I think the show will get a second wind really stretching its wings without Bea Smith properly.

  3. In 1981 when I was 14, I was lucky enough to visit Channel 10 at Nunawading as part of a school excursion. We were given a tour and visited the Prisoner sets as well as the external Holiday Island set with pool which in later years was used for Neighbours. We stood on the set of the governor’s office while our guide gave a talk, and I was the lucky one who scored sitting in the governor’s chair. It always amazed me how small the actual “prison garden” was. From memory, I think they used a magnifier on the camera to make it look larger when filming.

  4. Maev....Sydney

    Thank you for sharing…..sharing is caring….and I must admit…the writing and story telling is a big draw for me…I enjoy the written word…especially when it is well done.

  5. daveinprogress

    Kind of full circle for you David? I recall your post of you reflecting back to that tour of 0-10 and the original Prisoner set and how impactful that was for you as a teenager. How amazing that Wentworth has not only survived but thrived. I wasn’t sure when it was first mooted as the reimagining or whatever buzz term was used, as Prisoner is an all time favourite local production for me, but it has its own wonderful identity and style. I worked with the lovely Jacqui Brennan many moons ago and I’m glad to see her on a hit show and playing a pretty dodgy character! (way against her own!!), Great report, David

      • daveinprogress

        Indeed, and your passion for all things small screen is still alive and well David. Your advocacy is one of the strong reasons I stay connected to your site after a decade. I first started visiting in 2008.

        • Many thanks! I do have a very loyal bunch who visit daily. It’s a shared passion for storytelling and the site always has a mix of industry and punters, which is usually one or the other elsewhere.

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