Kris Smith, Sam Mac for Real Full Monty special.

TV faces including model Kris Smith, presenter Sam Mac and AFL commentator Brian “BT” Taylor are amongst performers baring all in Seven’s The Real Full Monty special.

Seven has confirmed its cast, which includes presenter Shane Jacobson:

Campbell Brown – AFL Star
Matt Cooper – NRL Great
Shane Jacobson –TV Host/Actor
Brendan “Jonesy” Jones – Radio Personality
Jett Kenny – Ironman
Sam Mac – Sunrise Weather Guru
Kris Smith – Model
Brian “BT” Taylor – AFL Legend/Seven Commentator

Filming culminated in a live performance choreographed by Todd McKenney at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre on Monday.

Seven is yet to announce an airdate for the show, which raises awareness of prostate and testicular cancer research.

An airdate is yet to be announced.

Viewers will go on a journey with these brave men, from the awkwardness of the first rehearsal to the final triumphant moment standing in nothing but their birthday suits.

As well as performing, Shane Jacobson (Little Big Shots) will host alongside choreographer Todd McKenney (Dancing with the Stars, The Boy from Oz), whose job it is to put our celebrities through their rhythmic paces building up to one glorious moment.

The one-off special is also designed to raise awareness of men’s health issues. The stars are stepping out of their comfort zone to encourage Aussie men to do the same and get themselves checked for prostate and testicular cancer.



  1. So that’s why Brian Taylor and Campbell Brown weren’t on Talking Footy this week and why BT had a rather horrendous spray tan commentating the AFL over the weekend.

  2. I just watched the uk version which was broadcast live so a lot more nerve wracking for the guys. It was a great show and good way to raise awareness for men’s health . They also did a women’s one as well for breast cancer.

    • I don’t know anything about the Aussie cast but it’s a lot more emotional when the cast in the uk version had personally been affected by prostate or testicular cancer.

  3. daveinprogress

    I know he’s a Ten regular, but after seeing Tommy Little’s story about modelling last night on The Project, I’d add Tommy! Hot Hot Hot!

    • bettestreep2008

      This happens with all the reality shows that have celebs participating for charities. I always want to know how much “I’m a celebrity” and ‘Celebrity Apprentice” actually donate to the charities.

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