MKR ahead of The Voice, Bachelor in Paradise.

Ratings: My Kitchen Rules & Good Doctor give the night to Seven, while there is a tussle for the demos.

Heavy promotion for My Kitchen Rules during the Commonwealth Games is paying off for Seven, last night pulling 1.25m viewers.

It was the top ranking show of the night ahead of The Voice on 930,000 viewers and Bachelor in Paradise on 676,000. Bachelor topped the 16-39 demo and MKR led in 18-49 and 25-54. Across all 3 demos The Voice was third which could become a problem if it is exacerbated, especially given the Blind Auditions are generally the stronger part of the series.

That three-way tussle left ABC shows sitting just under the 600,000 mark while The Good Doctor easily won the 9pm slot for Seven. SBS also carved out a good share for a Monday, with thanks to an Elizabeth doco.

Seven News, ACA and The Chase won their slots.

Seven network won Monday with 33.6% then Nine 25.5%, ABC 17.3%, TEN 16.3% and SBS 7.3%.

My Kitchen Rules was #1 for Seven with 1.25m viewers then Seven News (1.13m / 1.09m), The Good Doctor (855,000), Home and Away (784,000) and The Chase (578,000 / 356,000). The School for Stammers drew 247,000. Talking Footy was 89,000 on 7mate.

Nine News (992,000 / 987,000) led for Nine followed by The Voice (930,000), A Current Affair (859,000), Hot Seat (507,000 / 305,000) and Lip Sync Battle (502,000). Footy Classified drew 140,000 & 100% Footy was 76,000 in their respective markets.

ABC News (766,000), 7:30  (634,000), Media Watch and Australian Story (both 594,000), Four Corners (583,000), Q&A (390,000) and Think Tank (208,000) comprised ABC’s night.

Bachelor in Paradise (676,000) was best for TEN followed by The Project (570,000 / 392,000), TEN Eyewitness News (486,000) and Family Feud (325,000). Movie: Father of the Bride drew just 182,000 viewers.

On SBS it was Elizabeth (266,000), Michael Mosley: Trust Me I’m A Doctor (243,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (235,000) and SBS World News (174,000).

ABC KIDS’ Floogals topped multichannels at 208,000.

Sunrise: 299,000
Today:  265,000
News Breakfast: 103,000 / 46,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 16 April 2018

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  1. We are really struggling to find anything to watch now that the Games are finished. Surfing each evening is so depressing. Ended up with Bakers vs Fakers on the Food channel, although most of us were doing other things at the same time.

  2. Bachelor is remaining competitive in the demos, but the problem is it only runs for about another 2 weeks (if the start of Roseanne is anything to go by). Much improved over the Loser misfire last year, but they will still treading water waiting for MKR to end

  3. There was relentless promotion for The Voice on nine during the commonwealth games period too but if you were watching CG on 7 you obviously wouldn’t have noticed. MKR, although resorting to more drama than cooking over the years, is still quite good TV and given 7 go back to it’s originial charm and success of 2013-2015 then it won’t be needing to go anywhere. The Voice is repetitive and boring. The blind auditions are always the same and then after that we never really hear of any artist or winner again. Just My OPinion

  4. I see Ten have “Pretty Woman” scheduled for next Monday night after Bachelor in Paradise. It’ll be the first time on Ten, after being a well known Seven movie staple. Maybe Ten will re-consider given last night? Although I think it’s a way more popular movie.

    1. Odd that…since Prime is still running a 7flix promo with, yes, Pretty Woman as the place to see all of your favourites (or words to that effect).
      Pretty Woman will be much more popular than Father of the Bride. But where’s The Devil Wears Prada?

        1. Even “Dicko”. He could be obnoxious at times but he seemed to know what he was on about (other than that reference to someone’s outfit…) and Marcia. She was pure class. ?

    1. Much prefer The Voice to MKR. Finding myself disliking MKR even more after all the relentless promotion during the Commonwealth Games. Would hope to see the end of MKR rather than The Voice. I know that’s unlikely while people continue to thrive on contrived drama and conflict. And, sadly, I know The Voice is heading down the same track, creating apparent conflict and drama between the judges.

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