Returning: Legion

Season 2 with Dan Stevens begins this week on Showcase.

Season 2 of Legion with Dan Stevens begins this week on Showcase, same day as the US.

The season features the parasitic villain Amahl Farouk / Shadow King, portrayed by Navid Negahban, searching for his original body after being forced out of Haller’s mind at the end of the first season.

This visually trippy action series drawn from the Marvel Comics world focuses on David (Dan Stevens) who could possibly be the most powerful mutant of them all. For our hero, it’s a case of never quite knowing who to trust, or what’s real. After battling a force called the Shadow King in the first season, it seemed that all may be well – but a surprise twist at the very end of the first season finale has had us desperate to see what happens next!

8:30pm Thursday on Showcase.

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