Returning: MasterChef Australia

Leave your catfights and insults at the door please, MasterChef Australia returns to TEN on Monday May 7.

It suggests TEN is confident that MKR will have a grand final on Sunday May 6 (that’s unconfirmed but looks to be on the money). This would see it compete with House Rules expected return….and maybe even Olivia?

After searching the far corners of the country for Australia’s best amateur cooks, the brave, confident and fearless will stand together, facing a massive judges’ audition process, which will leave only the very best 24 home cooks standing.

MasterChef Australia judges Matt Preston, Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris are back in the kitchen, encouraging and challenging the contestants to cook smarter, extend their creativity and overcome obstacles in ways they never dreamt possible.

Vue de Monde’s Shannon Bennett reprises his role as mentor for the immunity challenges, confident he can give away more immunity pins than ever before.

MasterChef Australia promises a season full of surprises and boasts some of Australia’s and the world’s best chefs including Maggie Beer, Curtis Stone, Adriano Zumbo and domestic goddess Nigella Lawson. And for the first time, internationally renowned Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay will enter the kitchen, keen to keep the Top 24 contestants on their toes.

Monday, 7 May at 7.30pm and continues Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


  1. Cant wait and Im looking forward to Gordon and what he does and also see what ridiculous things the contestants have to make in the elimination challenges.

  2. Love the show, a viewer since day dot. But am worried it’s run its race and may head back into 2013 (600-700k) territory?

    House Rules was surprisingly dominant over The Voice / MasterChef last year.

  3. Unless MKR does an elimination every night, I can’t see it finishing by then? Which means Ten will have to do some amendments.

    With MKR, ridiculous a show that starts in January finishes in May!

  4. jezza the first original one

    Ramsey minus expletives will be interesting to see. I am not a fan of Maggie Beer, dunno why. I guess they are not having a Heston week. It would be good to get Jamie Oliver back or that British female chef from last year, she was great…..roll on MC

    • Sorry, Jamie is the other Supermarket ! I just wish the judges would somehow make the contestants more accountable for wastage. In the real world, making each dish three times before you get it right would send any restaurant broke. Then they are awarded high praise as if they are great. Look in the bin !
      & They should definitely ban ‘deconstructed’ dishes. It is a big part of being a chef, to know and display balanced quantities of each element. Allowing messy looking piles of food , lets the contestant get away without balancing the whole dish, especially if near the finals.

      • carolemorrissey

        I like Maggie Beer, she is always sweet to the contestants. But her products are a total rip off & exhorbitantly expensive. Can’t imagine who can afford to buy them.

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