Returning: Young Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory.

Updated: Chuck Lorre sitcoms Young Sheldon is currently off air as The Voice begins but will return in early May.

Young Sheldon returns 7:30pm Wednesday May 2nd.

The Big Bang Theory follows at 8pm.

Nine has an Elton John special this Wednesday, but The Voice airs 4 nights next week.


  1. Thanks, I’ve been looking for that info. So many plugs for The Voice, but nothing about the shows that they abandoned mid-series.
    It irritates me a lot that that all channels so often plug shows to death and then drop them after few weeks, or move them to some obscure time slot, or one of their sister stations, without notice.

    • I agree. Irrespective of its merits four nights per week is over-saturation. I mentioned in another thread seeing The Voice UK during a recent visit and how they managed to make an episode with 11 acts and not a hint of padding (no backstories, no ‘previously on’ or ‘coming up’ and it was sensational. If Nine could do the same here then it would be wonderous but I cannot see it happening.

    • Unfortunately, it’s not just 4 nights a week. It’s 4 nights, plus the afternoon of the following day (for the “by public demand encore performance”) and then 4 hours Saturday night for the “by public demand encore performance of the encore performance” Seriously – does each episode need to be screened 3 times in a week? The whole thing is just a massive yawn.

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