The Voice now premieres on Commonwealth Games closing night

The Voice has flipped on plans to launch on April 16 and now starts Sunday week.

The Voice has flipped on plans to launch on Monday April 16 and will now debut at 7pm Sunday April 15 and continue April 16 & 17.

Nine will boldly go up against the closing night of the Commonwealth Games. Tickets for the Closing Ceremony indicate 7:30pm, but the event may not start until later.

This season is promising bringing “world-first additions to the format” with a Wild Card format, giving some performers a second chance. Each Coach will have 4 acts in Live shows (instead of 3) and there will be guest performers.

Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum recording artist Joe Jonas will be filling the fourth red chair on this season of The Voice. After rising to fame as one-third of the award-winning Jonas Brothers, the DNCE frontman is best known today for the breakout smash hit Cake By The Ocean, which has amassed well over a billion streams around the world.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of a massive show like The Voice, especially getting to do it all in Australia where the fans are amazing,” Jonas said. “I had a taste of the show in the US last year, so now I have the knowledge to take #TeamJoe all the way in 2018.”

Joining Jonas are returning Coaches Kelly Rowland and Boy George, both back by popular demand after winning over the hearts of fans around the nation in season six.

Delta Goodrem, the reigning winning Coach of The Voice Australia from seasons five and six, will be looking to make it three in a row in 2018.

Sonia Kruger returns as host for The Voice.

The talent across Australia is at an all-time high in 2018, and season seven will feature the most four-chair turns in the history of The Voice Australia.

Blind Auditions: Here we meet the hopefuls who will audition for our Coaches in the hope of turning a chair. This season there will be the most four-chair turns ever.

Knockouts: Artists go head-to-head in groups of three as they perform a song their Coach has chosen within a theme. There are two thrilling “steals” per Coach up for grabs this season.

Battles: In a world-first, the Battles this season will grant each Coach a one-time use of a Wild Card save. This allows each Coach to give one of their final six artists a second chance at success, with the public deciding the fate of the four Wild Card artists and sending one to the Live Shows, turning the Top 12 into a Top 13. This will also afford one Coach an advantage of having four artists heading into the Live Shows instead of three.

Live Shows: 13 artists will ultimately take part in the Live Shows. As the artists perform, a live public vote remains open on The Voice app throughout the show, determining which artist will go home the following week. Special guest performances by international artists will also be featured in the Live Shows, with more details to be announced soon.

The winner of The Voice will receive the grand prize of a recording contract with Universal Music Australia and $100,000 in prizemoney.

The Voice Australia is filmed at Fox Studios in Sydney and produced by ITV Studios on behalf of Channel Nine.

7pm Sunday April 15 on Nine.

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  1. The Voice is a big loud show with big promos but it is actually a Dud.

    People love watching the blind auditions in case there is a car crash moment but can anyone actually remember who “won” it last year or can you name anyone from The Voice over the last 5 years who has done anything or sold any songs after being on the show?

    Neighbours and Home and Away have launched more artistic and singing careers than the voice. It’s a vehicle for B and C grade judges to try and build a profile thats about it…….

  2. I still think the best ever Talent Show season was XFactor 2013 with Dami Im. Great mix of judges, great production and most importantly great focus on talent. The Voice seems to just have become a chance for Delta and co to resurface….Not sure what Joe Jonas will bring

  3. Saw the promos for this, why are australian producers obsessed with conflict among the judges, don’ t these people learn anything especially the debacle that was the last series of the x factor. Been watching and enjoying the UK version where the judges actually support each other and are not in each others faces. I mean really, Kelly Rowland in Boy George’ s face asking why he pushed her. Utter tripe.

    1. you can probably blame the success of shows like MKR (especially the current season) for this as it seems quite alot of people enjoy watching conflict/bitchiness or whatever. In this case it seems like it maybe deliberate to be in competition with MKR for who can outbitch who, sad really.

    2. Seems to be the way with all reality shows these days. They even seemed to try to create drama in “I’m a Celebrity” and it made me switch off. Sad really as these music shows have some truly talented contestants. But I won’t be watching this either if they take a back seat to contrived conflict between the judges.

  4. Yep, weird move. They’ll get belted. Obviously just a move to “get the jump” on MKR.

    Australian Open 2017 saw well over 1m for I’m A Celebrity, but Seven still got 50% main channel share. So Voice (which has already been declining) won’t “take away” viewers from Seven, if that is Nine’s plan.

  5. Not surprised honestly considering Channel 7 has MKR scheduled for 7pm the same night which i did find a surprise in itself since i also knew the closing ceremony is scheduled to start at 7:30pm like you said.

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